Top 5 reasons to switch from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Top 5 reasons to switch from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 Business CentralMost accountants and small businesses use QuickBooks as accounting software. This software system is more suitable for small businesses but has many weaknesses as the business starts to grow. In contrast, Dynamics 365 Business Central is much better than just accounting software. It is a complete financial management solution with an integrated ERP. Both solutions can provide the core functionality that is required to handle basic accounting in a small business. But beyond that, the two solutions are worlds apart.

Let’s look at some of the top reasons to switch from QuickBooks to Business Central

QuickBooks vs Dynamics Business Central


QuickBooks has limits with respect to the number of records it can process and maintain. There are limits on various aspects such as the number of employees, posted transactions, inventory management data, etc. Once you reach these limits, not only does the system starts becoming slower, but also the only way to keep the system working well, you have no other choice than from removing the data from QuickBooks.

There are no such limitations in Dynamics 365 Business Central. In fact, it provides a lot more flexibility as your business grows. It is built on the MS Azure platform and can scale and support increasing volumes of transactions and users.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is far better than QuickBooks with regards to announcing abilities. Any non-bookkeeping workforce can utilize Dynamics 365 Business Central to make reports across any aspect. Additionally, it offers local reconciliation with Microsoft Power BI that can truly take answering to a higher level.

A powerful detailing structure assists organizations with examining key pieces of information across all divisions and gaining experience. Information, as is commonly said, is the new oil. The capacity to dissect it progressively and gain noteworthy bits of knowledge can demonstrate benefits for a business.

Solid Integration Capabilities

Microsoft AppSource is a store of numerous applications that are viable with the Dynamics 365 Business Central. Along these lines, on the off chance that you really want to make any custom answer for your business, you can find a reasonable application in the AppSource and coordinate it with Business Central.

Additionally, assuming that you are a bookkeeper or any business faculty, you will utilize success for some calculating. Business focal is viable with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and a large group of other Microsoft items. It saves a ton of season of preparing assets on numerous stages and furthermore exchanging between various stages. It likewise supports worker efficiency as they utilize an answer they are know all about and are utilizing for a very long time.

You can import information from these into MS Business Central, and you will have a solitary stage without any information storehouses, prepared to provide you with a total image of your business in only a couple of snaps.

Multi-area and multi-money solidification

In the event that you have numerous areas or you bargain in different monetary forms, QuickBooks simply doesn’t get it done. Business Central, then again, permits you to set up various areas as discrete elements. A business can follow deals, stock, income, cost overheads, coordinated factors, and so forth, in this large number of areas utilizing Business Central. Additionally, it is exceptionally simple, as referenced prior to reporting this.

Various Versions

QuickBooks has 3 distinct forms – QB Pro, QB Enterprise, and QB Online, all of these are based on various stages. Exchanging or overhauling from one rendition, for e.g., from QB Pro or QB Enterprise to QB Online, isn’t consistent.

Dynamics 365 Business Central, similar to its ancestors Dynamics NAV and the others, is based on Microsoft Azure. It accompanies similarity and mixed capacities. It makes the change to the overhauled rendition consistent.

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