How to Start Digital Transformation with Microsoft Solutions & Infrastructure with ONE Partner

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How to Start Digital Transformation with Microsoft Solutions

The way businesses approach and look at things has changed. The fast-paced technological world, coupled with changing customer demands with more customer-centric business approaches, is transforming the company in every sector.

It would be best to optimize your business offerings to stay ahead of the pack and gain a competitive advantage. This means investing in a reliable digital transformation to reinvent your business structure.

Recent studies show that the global digital transformation market was valued at only USD 284.38 billion in 2019 but will rise steadily by 22.5% before 2027. Digital transformation allows you to use digital tools in all sectors of your business operations. Here we discuss the main objectives to settle for digital transformation and how to start a successful transformation.


The Purpose of a Digital Transformation to a Business

The majority of companies invest in digital transformation to reduce operational costs. It involves moving data to the cloud and freeing up software and hardware costs. Your team will access all company data, allowing them to work on various business-critical operations with ease.

Other major objectives for digital transformation include:


Improve Your Business Services

One of the significant cornerstones of digital transformation is service improvement. Businesses will only undertake internal enhancement if it helps to offer better services and retain more customers. Customers want to enjoy prompt and quality service. You can achieve this with digital tools to positively affect revenue and profits.

Boost Internal Collaboration

Most digital transformation projects are large enough to touch on every aspect to enable the enterprise to foster better internal collaboration. A typical example is company intranets that help to improve document management processes. Intranets open more channels of discussion among different teams.

Optimize Business Process

All businesses operate on a series of repeated processes. The primary operations are related to marketing, manufacturing, or accounting. Digital transformation allows your business to refine competencies and improve these processes. The outstanding feature of digital transformation is targeting a few parts of the entire company.

Increase Efficiency

Efficiency is the expected and natural result of enhanced business processes. Modern technology has unmatched power to make workflows faster, slicker, and more repeatable to eliminate errors. Your business staff will spend less time on mundane tasks, focusing more on innovations and ideas.


Where to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation starts from the simple to complex processes of your business. Generally, it follows the following three stages:

  • Listen and understand your business needs and ambitions: Savvy business owners start their digital transformation by focusing on their employees. After all, they are the individuals who help to determine the success or failure of your processes. It is essential to ensure everyone in the business understands and buys into your digital strategy if they want to get behind it fully.
  • Lay the right foundations to boost the success of your digital transformation. After you increase your teams' motivation, it is time to set the proper foundation for successful change. For example, if you were initially using Microsoft Office, you can migrate to Microsoft 365. Apart from the cloud solutions, you may also consider getting reliable cybersecurity and managed services.
  • Make digital transformation happen: Digital transformation will take time. It is essential to stay on top of your cloud solution and services in the fast-paced world if you need to evolve and benefit from it. You can leverage the expert services of a Digital Transformation advisor like Technology Management Concepts (TMC) to guide and monitor the journey and make it successful.


Get reliable Digital Transformation services at TMC, a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner

Today, digital transformation is vital for business. Unfortunately, the process is complex, but it doesn't have to be daunting. Working with TMC will transform how you approach technology by focusing on unique business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our digital transformation offerings.


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