How Power BI help businesses to get more out of their data?

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How Power BI help businesses to get more out of their data?

Every business produces a vast amount of data that needs an appropriate means so that it can be accessed properly. To help your business grow and thrive, you must fully understand how every business decision and change will impact your people, your customers, and your bottom line. Microsoft Power BI is a suite of Business Intelligence (BI) platforms that empowers you to aggregate, analyze, visualize, and share data. It includes several software services, apps, and connectors that work in tandem to bring together unrelated sources of data and translate them into visually immersive, interactive, and valuable data.

Look how Power BI helps businesses to get more out of their data and use it for their growth.

Centralized Data

Nowadays, businesses generate huge data. It comes because each department or each location produces large volumes of data. To utilize this data effectively, it’s necessary to have centralized data. There should be no data silos. However, Power BI allows users to import or connect to external datasets using connectors and enables them to shape the data according to their needs without altering the original data source.

Creating Reports Easily

All the data would be useless if a user can’t transform the data into meaningful reports. Power BI allows users to create reports. Even a user having less technical knowledge can also create rich and interactive reports using Power BI. Also, its interface is very similar to Excel. They can easily navigate through various options to create customized reports.

Predictive Analytics and AI capabilities

Power BI uses Artificial Intelligence and predictive analytics to analyze the data available and identify patterns. It reads the historical data through advanced statistical models to identify patterns and predict future trends. It works as a regulatory force for the business to determine the future path. The outcome also provides legal data based on the data analysis.

Integration Capabilities

Power BI is compatible with other Microsoft Products like Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, etc. It also can be integrated with other popular business tools. The business intelligence inputs provided by Power BI further strengthen the capabilities of these platforms. Power BI Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration helps to connect and share data, you can use all of the dimension tags immediately to generate reports and charts in Power Business Intelligence. Also, you can use the dimensions you’re tracking in Business Central to create, sort, and change complex reports in just a few clicks with it.

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