How retailers can drive their business growth by moving their ERP to cloud?

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How retailers can drive their business growth by moving their ERP to cloud?It’s time to move your ERP to the cloud. As a retailer, you know this business is dynamic and exciting on the surface but requires some serious effort behind the scenes to run your business profitably. Nowadays, most retailers are attached to the pressure of providing excellent products and services while satisfying customers at the same time. Also, there are lots of challenges that retailers have to fight to keep the business going, and growing. Ahead of this, the tough competition in the market and the growing threat from the e-commerce industry are also making things difficult for retail businesses.

However, technology consequently advanced to deal with these challenges. Many retailers use a different IT system for each part of their retail business. As soon as a retailer starts using the cloud, his entire team can access the real-time data whenever they need it. It can be only possible just because of LS Central, a retail management solution built on Dynamics 365 Business Central, its cloud capability enables every employee to take the right steps when they are required for business growth.

Moving your ERP to the cloud can deliver the following benefits to Retailers

Get reliable, real-time data from all the stores and e-commerce

When the retail management system runs in the cloud, your entire team can access the real-time business data they need, even if they are operating remotely. The cloud ERP makes it easy to instantly share data, reports, and dashboards, enabling every employee in your company to take action exactly when it’s necessary.

No worry about security

When you move your software into the cloud, all the security obligations move from your in-house team to the cloud provider. Specially, you can stop worrying about data legislation, security protocols, privacy requirements, and keeping up with the latest threats i.e., someone else controlling and taking care of it for you.

Reduce costs and time required to manage IT

In case when you run your IT on-premises, at some point servers and data storage hardware start to age. If the same thing happens again, take a moment to reflect: should you invest in replacing them? Or should you move to the cloud, and never worry about running and maintaining servers in-house again?

Add AI to the business

Another benefit of moving to the cloud is being able to take advantage of advanced features which come with AI. Businesses can control Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and powered technology. These technologies can help them better understand their business data, improve productivity, make smarter decisions, enhance personalization and increase competitiveness. In the cloud, advanced information becomes highly accessible to any retail business.

Ensure business continuity using the LS Retail SaaS version

A poor network connection is a common barrier for retailers considering moving their ERP and POS to the cloud. They worry that when the internet goes down, they won’t be able to sell, and might lose customers. Now no need to worry. While it’s true that most cloud-based retail POSs don’t work without an internet connection. But with LS Central the POS also works in offline mode. It means the business can always be operational, selling products, serving customers, and saving data even when there’s no network.

Strengthen your retail business for long-term success with a unified platform

Retail business can be transformed by a unified commerce solution i.e., LS Central. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Retail, Manage your entire retail business with one software platform. With centralized information, you can save time and take quick decisions for your retail business growth.

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