To-Increase Launches a Plug-And-Play Analytics Solution for Rental Businesses

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Analytics for Rental and Lease is a simple, plug-and-play solution that helps you make the right business decisions and enhances rental operations with industry-specific insights.

Veenendaal, Netherlands, April 2022 — To-Increase has launched a new all-inclusive analytics solution for the Rental industry. Loaded with proven business knowledge around the rental value chain, Analytics for Rental and Lease optimizes all the stages of your rental business management by helping you leverage leading industry metrics.

With pre-built, plug-and-play, and end-to-end enabled analytics, To-Increase has undoubtedly positioned itself to empower change in the rental industry with its upcoming solution. Analytics for Rental and Lease enables informed decision-making with industry best-practice analytics dashboards. By implementing this ready-to-use analytics solution, users are automatically entitled to business intelligence and data management best practices. Additionally, it allows users to extend the solution and tailor it to their specific company needs.

The solution comes as a value-added proposition for organizations already using our rental-specific software, DynaRent (built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM).

Why do you need To-Increase’s Analytics for Rental and Lease?

Here are some of the ways how this new offering can help maximize a rental business’s value:

  • Analytics explicitly tailored to the needs of the rental industry
  • Enables end-to-end analytics across the entire rental value chain
  • Offers 50+ pre-built industry-aligned metrics and 11 dashboards covering all areas
  • Thoughtfully constructed following the Business Intelligence best practices for easy extensibility and data preparation and export
  • Allows you to extend with your own dashboards and metrics
  • Provides recurring updates and extensive support documentation to enable quick learning and usage of the solution
  • Access to rapid insights to manage rental business model efficiently
  • Reduces overall data management and maintenance efforts

The Analytics for Rental and Lease solution vastly decreases the set-up time with in-built data preparation driven by our zero-code solution, Data Modeling Studio, embedded inside the solution, giving it an edge over others in the market. The solution gives users control over their insights and data by significantly reducing external dependencies, allowing them to focus on business-critical matters.

Speaking about the launch, Michiel Toppers, Director of Product Management at To-Increase, said, “The shift to as-a-service is imminent within the next decade in the rental industry. This business model would generate 5x more data and, therefore, reliable data management and accompanying analytics becomes even more crucial, which is where our Analytics for Rental and Lease comes in. We believe our analytics solution can help rental companies up their game by taking advantage of powerful industry-specific insights.”

What is next for Analytics for Rental and Lease?

To-Increase continuously works toward maintaining and releasing new features to better its Analytics for Rental and Lease solution, based on industry trends and feedback from subject matter experts with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Regular updates and extended capabilities ensure all the analytics are up to date, besides being aligned with industry best practices and Microsoft Dynamics 365 cadence.

For more information on Analytics for Rental and Lease and to learn about its key features and benefits, download the factsheet.

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