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Most companies depend on SaaS solutions to operate their business at this stage, and customer demand for recurring pricing options continues to skyrocket. Depending on your industry, it may be well worth your while to investigate migrating your business to an as-a-service model. The following resources offer a starting point for your research, with key insights into managing subscription billing.    

Build a SaaS migration roadmap with 7 best practices Build a SaaS migration roadmap with 7 best practices 

Between a fluctuating global economy and an escalating pace of technological advancement, many factors are driving a near universal shift towards SaaS migration. However, 65% of companies transitioning to a subscription billing model face operational challenges. This blog sets out a list of best practices to aid you in building a custom roadmap and transitioning to a more agile mindset. 

Booklet | Why retailers are flocking to e-commerce subscription models Booklet | Why retailers are flocking to e-commerce subscription models 

Barely a day goes by without another major brand launching their own online subscription service, which is not surprising as the subscription economy is projected to reach a global market value of $257 billion. This booklet will introduce you to three subscription models that are particularly effective for retailers, and then break down the benefits of adopting a subscription business model. 

Pros and cons of subscription billing frequencies Pros and cons of subscription billing frequencies 

This blog explores the nuances of multiple subscription billing frequencies, beyond the basics of monthly vs annual billing cycles, to help you determine what would work best for your customers. A key lesson learned from pricing psychology is that you can increase customer acquisitions by giving audiences enough choice without overwhelming them with too many options. Therefore, when your brand determines how to structure its billing cycles, it’s best to implement at least two frequencies. 

Booklet | Core benefits of financial transformation Booklet | Core benefits of financial transformation 

Digital innovations are pushing companies to transform their finance departments into better business partners, transcending their role from data gatherers to data analysts. Rising demands and increasing volumes of data mean that it’s not possible for companies to scale without the assistance of technology. This booklet breaks down eight benefits of financial transformation, so you can realign the function of your finance department with your overall business goals.  

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