Primary reasons to replace your current ERP Solution

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Primary reasons to replace your current ERP SolutionThe decision to replace or upgrade an ERP solution is overwhelming for most manufacturers. However, significant responsibility comes with enormous advantages.

Find out the primary reasons to replace your current ERP Solution

Outdated technology

Many manufacturers are still dealing with old technology and infrastructure. Whereas modern, cloud-based ERP solutions don’t require an extensive installation, workloads typically can be transferred very quickly, reducing or even eliminating wastage of time.

Lack of features in your current ERP Solution

Legacy, on-premises ERP systems require many bolt-on solutions in order to function, and these various systems don’t always speak well to each other. In that stance, you need a modern ERP system with an integrated manufacturing execution system, quality management, traceability, and more. These features ensure that everyone is making decisions based on accurate, real-time data.

Security Risks 

ERP software handles sensitive, business-critical information, data that you must keep secure. Modern, cloud-based ERP solutions offer security that protects your data throughout, from internal and external threats. If you are breached and data is lost, your data is safe in the cloud.

Maintenance cost

It’s unavoidable. By the time you spend countless time and money while upgrading your legacy ERP system, there will no doubt be another upgrade just around the corner. Whereas, cloud-based ERP saves money on IT resources by having your partner manage the solution for you. And finally, you can sign up for a support plan that will take care of future updates.

Lack of support

Some manufacturers may choose to stumble along with a previous version of their ERP solution. They thought that they are saving money in the process. However, the ERP provider will soon begin to discontinue support for previous versions, leaving you with several expensive options. You could take their offer to upgrade to the latest platform, but after upgrading your outdated system, it will be time for more maintenance costs, reduced vendor support, and yet another upgrade. It’s a vicious cycle.

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