Payment Processing is Changing the Pace of AP Automation

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AP automation address top invoice challenges, such as manual data entry and approval routing. Due to an increase in demand for AP automation solutions that do more for less, it has expanded to address other AP process challenges – such as payment processing.

AP automation with payment processing allows businesses to complete the AP cycle by automating and streamlining payment batch approval and vendor payments. It minimizes common payment inefficiencies, such as late payments, lack of visibility into payment status and difficulty reconciling payment data.

Payment processing adds many benefits to AP automation, such as:

  • Gaining control and visibility over payments in order to maximize early payment discounts and improve vendor relationships
  • Enhance security, reduce fraud and payment costs by replacing checks with virtual, single use credit cards
  • Easily track transactions and automatically receive the payment data at the payment and invoice level in their AP automation solution

Payment processing completes the last mile of the AP cycle. Companies that implement a complete AP and payment automation solution are better positioned in their markets and have stronger control over their cash flow and vendor relations.

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AP Automation with KwikTag

With 20+ years of experience in the Dynamics community, KwikTag offers AP automation solutions that provide a completely digital, touchless workflow for payables and purchasing related invoices. AP automation with KwikTag minimizes data entry, saves time and increases efficiency by automating invoice and payment processes.

KwikPayables Accelerate for Dynamics GP combines intelligent data extraction and artificial intelligence (AI), with a real-time connection to GP that validates and populates vendor information, GL codes and other relevant invoice data. Invoices are routed for online or email approval and, upon approval, the relevant transactions are automatically created in GP. Invoices, while stored in KwikPayables Accelerate, are visible in GP.

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Learn more about KwikPayables Accelerate, the intelligent AP automation solution, at

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