Overcoming Challenges to Integration

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Tensoft’s Kind Connect, – an easy to use tool to integrate your data from any external application into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The following is a partial transcription of an introductory video, which you can see in its entirety here.
“The challenge with integration is that - just because we have an API on each end - it doesn’t mean we are speaking the same language. In the same way that you might have a challenge if you are speaking two different languages on the phone, we have to overcome the fact that each API is speaking a slightly different language from every other system. There is no universal data model out there for every system. So, for each system we need to know how to adapt and speak so that we can communicate.
While API’s make integration much easier than it used to be, some challenges remain. Among these are creating a data map with each systems’ API and knowing what “language” they speak. Then the data needs to be moved across and converted to the other “language.” The data also need to be validated, so that the information is valid in both systems. And, if there is invalid data, we need to define error messages so that we can fix the data and move forward.
In the past, a key challenge to is all of the additional work that is required to enable integration, despite the fact that there’s an API on both sides. First, analysis may be needed. Then extensive data validation. Validations may then need to be moved back from the source system. Finally, we may need to write error messages to alert users when a validation has failed, etc.

Why Kind Connect is a Kinder, Easier Way to Integrate

Tensoft Kind Connect was developed to provide an easier way to make integration happen. In short, the way it works is that we take the transactions that we are supporting – the invoices, the payables, etc., - and we move them into a staging table in the destination system, instead of moving them a live/production table. The staging table API is in a looser format. Instead of requiring an exact match, it looks for partial matches, which the end user can then review, fix and push forward.
In other words, Kind Connect makes the call to Business Central from inside the application. It validates the data and - if some data is invalid - it has pre-defined error messages that puts them into the staging table. There you can review the error messages, fix the data, and then push it forward. From that point, it runs just like Business Central does. So, Kind Connect allows you to get data into Business Central in an easier, “kinder” way, resulting in a faster integration process.”

For more information on Kind Connect Integration, read the fact sheet here.

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