Get access and know Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center

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Get access and know Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin CenterMost SMEs are generally not fully engaged with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center Portal. However, this portal is analytical to the effectiveness of Business Central.

The Dynamics 365 Business Central Admin Center allows users to execute administrative tasks, such as:

  • Manage apps
  • Schedule updates
  • Update notification settings
  • Manage storage capacity
  • Rename, move, test, and restore environments

How to use the Business Central Admin Center?

Users can accomplish a variety of essential tasks within the Admin Center portal, which include:


To monitor data costs, administrators can access the “Capacity” page through the Admin Center and can check their company’s total database storage usage. This page consists of info about storage in every environment. If data is nearing capacity limits, notifications can be sent to the appropriate people for action.


Administrators determine who receives notifications from Microsoft on outages, updates, and other general communication related to the Business Central environment. A notification may be an alert for events in tenant environments, such as when extensions require changes for them to be compatible with upcoming updates.


Through the Admin Center, certified users can export databases to an Azure storage container.


The Admin Center allows users to make their software ready for new updates or functions by creating preview or sandbox environments. These test environments give users the prospect to become familiar with new features. This helps users to take advantage of familiarity so that they can use it when they’re required.  Also, administrators can control production environments through Admin Central. It includes moving, renaming, or restoring environments.


Microsoft has scheduled two major updates per year, typically in April and October. In addition to monthly minor updates. Although Microsoft manages the base application and platform, administrators can schedule the timing of updates, typically during non-working hours, and view when the updates were completed. Admin users can also designate who within their organizations needs to receive update notifications.

The Influential Role of the Business Central Admin Community

The Admin Center is harsh to the effectiveness of Business Central. Internal administrators, and users assigned Global admin or Dynamics 365 admin roles, can access the portal. Users assigned help desk and admin agent roles through the Microsoft Partner Center can also access the Business Central Admin Center.

Users, partners, and customers also can share feedback with Microsoft about ways to improve Business Central through its Dynamics 365 Ideas site. Community members have access to the Business Central Ideas portal to tell Microsoft their wishes. Also, Microsoft collects the feedback and encourages community members to vote in support of any suggestions.

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  1. I'm the owner manager of a business & have not been allocated Administrator of my system. I have requested documentation regarding perpetual licences & have no way of checking, If I ring Microsoft direct I'm asked for a Microsoft email which I didn't get.

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