A New Take On Applicant Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics

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Organizations often find it difficult to stay on top of the additional work that open positions generate. After all, traditional recruiting processes are really awkward and can be hit-or-miss, even at their best. HR professionals are exhausted by a routine that involves endless checklists, spreadsheets, paperwork, and daily tracking efforts.

Work From Your Existing SetupA New Take On Applicant Tracking for Microsoft Dynamics

Organizations like yours can significantly reduce the workload associated with recruiting and onboarding by implementing an applicant tracking system. Several options are available today, but it’s especially helpful to work directly within your Microsoft Dynamics GP or 365 Business Central environment. Payroll, HR and applicant tracking all in one place.

Handling different file formats is a breeze. You can easily view how an applicant moves through your recruitment process, oversee smooth onboarding, and complete administrative tasks online to maximize first-day productivity.

Over 75% of modern recruiters already use an applicant tracking system (ATS) of some kind. What’s new here is the promise of carrying out all of these duties in one place. Unless automation is carried out in a highly centralized fashion, you still end up having to work with a dozen different applications, which defeats the intended purpose.

From Paper to Digital

On the most basic level, Integrity Data replaces paperwork with online forms and applicant self-service. Recruiters can list positions internally and externally, thoroughly screen job candidates, view and apply HR analytics, auto-populate applications (using resume parsing tools), ensure legal compliance, and build customized candidate scoring systems that are closely tailored to the needs of their business.

Applicant tracking for public sector organizations offers the same benefits. When you build a rule-based ranking system, you don’t have to rely on keyword matching. Instead, you can attribute weights to each skill, and even change these weights at a later stage of the recruitment process in order to refine your search as circumstances change.

Applicant tracking system reports can provide an indication of how many qualified and unqualified applicants were identified from each source, which enables you to target future postings with greater accuracy.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

With Integrity Data, everything is at the employee’s fingertips — anytime, anywhere, on any device. This means new candidates can apply quickly and track and view their applications at their convenience. When you are hired, you can view company announcements, retrieve documents to view and sign, share important links, as well as easily access the pay stubs, tax documents, and HR documents.

There is great appeal in automating the most tedious manual tasks, like sending interview reminder emails to candidates. However, using an ATS is not just about saving time. Online applicant tracking can reduce your cost per hire. You can view Paid Time Off (PTO) balances and time-off requests all in one spot. In cases where time entry is required, you can enable people to clock in and out with a single login.

Applicant tracking systems have been around for a while — they first appeared over 20 years ago. But until recently, they were a luxury enjoyed by enterprise companies with massive budgets. Now it’s possible for small and medium size organizations to directly access these services within Microsoft Dynamics and your existing setup. That’s a true milestone for HR.

There's a reason why over a million employees and thousands of companies trust Integrity Data.
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