The Power of Integrated HR and Payroll and Why You Should Care

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If you’re using Microsoft Dynamics GP and 365 Business Central, but are still using multiple HR and payroll systems to manage and pay your people, then now would be the time to reconsider. The world’s most efficient HR teams have one single system to manage employee data and pay salaries. Here are 4 reasons why you should use a single, integrated HR and payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and 365 Business Central (if you aren’t already).

#1: It’s More Accurate
From payroll numbers to tax info to personal contact details, having sensitive data in one automated HR system is preferable. One system means data only needs to be added once. Not only does this elevate accuracy, but it also frees up your team’s time by eliminating the need to input data more than once. This also lowers the risk of human error, giving you more confidence in your data.

#2: It’s More Secure
Not only is it easier for HR teams to access the data they need – when they need it – but one system also makes data less hackable. With no duplicate info or the need to collect data multiple times, hackers have less of an opportunity to catch you off guard.

#3: It Allows for Automation
Automating the mundane is a savvy way to save time and trouble, while ensuring payments are always accurate and on-time. A central, single HR and payroll system empowers you to simplify and streamline the entire employee lifecycle from one space. Automating payroll is a no-brainer, without robbing you of control or approval over final payments.

#4: It Keeps People Happy
From entry-exit, and everything in-between, integrated HR and payroll solutions promise a simple and cost-effective way to nurture talent and grow your business. People are your top priority, so a one-stop shop for HR and payroll is a smart way to simplify tasks and make people-management less stressful.

Put Integrity Data to the Test Today

As a Gold Microsoft Partner, Integrity Data is the software producer our partners and end-users trust for all-in-one, integrated HR and payroll solutions. For 25+ years, we’ve been a leading provider of human capital management solutions. Our customers are for life because we treat you as more than a client in a queue. We truly care about making your life and business run more smoothly through Microsoft Dynamics GP and 365 Business Central payroll, and we have the tools we need to help you achieve just that.

No more sleepless nights fretting over the multiple systems your people have to manage. From HR management to payroll, time entry, recruiting, onboarding, compliance – and even employee self-service – Integrity Data delivers the full package. Even if you’re short-staffed or your people are on leave, a single, automated HR system keeps the cogs turning behind the scenes no matter what.

There's a reason why over a million employees and thousands of companies trust Integrity Data. 

Start a conversation with us today to see why!

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