Outgrowing Legacy Finance Software and the Bad Consequences for Your Business

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Outgrowing Legacy Finance Software and the Bad Consequences for Your Business

With digital transformation over the recent past, financial software has advanced to enhance efficiency and security in business operations.
However, many companies are still stuck with legacy systems for various reasons, including fear of workflow disruption and added costs.

While the legacy system may still work for you, they are easy to breach, and the company can experience heavy losses when criminals hack into your system.


Signs That it's Time to Upgrade Your Legacy Systems


No Updates

A non-updating software may crush regularly, get slower, or stop operating entirely. Lack of updates makes it easier for cybercriminals to hack into your accounting system, and steal or leak financial information.

Not Operational on Mobile Devices

If your accounting software doesn't support android and IOS apps, it makes it difficult to access financial data from your phone. And you may have to come to the office to perform the simple financial tasks you would have otherwise completed at home on your phone or tablet.

More Time on Software Than on Business

Financial software should make accounting tasks easier to perform. If you spend too much time on the software to complete a simple task like running payroll, then you no longer need it.

No Integration with New Apps

Why would you use separate apps for tasks you can complete in one software system? If your software integrates with a small list of apps or doesn't integrate with other apps, consider changing it.

Little or No Automation Features

Some tasks like sending monthly invoices to the same customer should get automated to give you more time to focus on other tasks. Besides, the automation process is less prone to mistakes, unlike manual data entry.


Benefits of Upgrading to advanced ERP System Like Dynamic 365 Business Central


Little or no Downtime Hence Saves Time

Newer systems focus on continuous hardware improvement and system maintenance by IT experts, which allow them to stay online much longer.
With guaranteed uptime and data backup, Dynamics 365 Business Central frees you from managing your servers so that you can focus on growing your business.

Integration For Maximum Benefits

A good ERP ensures all systems connect. The seamless integration with other applications makes work efficient, ensuring you get maximum return on investment.
Microsoft has advanced the Business Central interface across core applications that your business already use, such as:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • Power BI
  • Flow

The integration ensures you complete tasks fast and efficiently.

Enhances Security and Data Safety

New ERP systems feature cloud hosting and storage with continuous server maintenance and data redundancy, ensuring you don't lose your data to cybercriminals or natural disasters.
The dynamics 365 business central is cloud-based, and its advanced security system ensures your data is safe.

You Work from Anywhere

Modern ERP's have android and IOS functionality, letting you access your data from anywhere.
Since it provides full mobile support for mobile devices, Dynamics 365 Business Central lets your employees work from anywhere, hence fast, and efficient delivery. Even better, the data is cloud-based, so you don't have to access it from the office.

You Can Start Quickly and Upgrade Whenever Necessary

An effective ERP system lets you pick the module that you need right now and scale the system as your business grows. And no additional changes or hardware needed during the upgrades.
The Business Central is easy to adopt because of the Power platform, the Microsoft 365 products, and the add-ons and customizations made outside the standard product. With clearly defined and separated functional changes, the system is much easier to use.

Consider Upgrading to an Advanced ERP System

While your legacy financial software may still fulfill most of your financial requirements, it may not provide enhanced customer service, operational speed boost, a better working environment, and reduced expenses that your busy needs.
If you choose to upgrade to a more reliable ERP system, such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we shall help. Get your 30 days Dynamics 365 Business Central trial.

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