How to Optimize your Shipping Process with Tensoft

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We understand that semiconductor companies are always looking to optimize their shipping processes. From management of complex customer shipping terms to generation of shipping document to outsourced shipping option/access to third party suppliers, they need it all! In this blog post, I’ll provide an overview on how to schedule and ship in SemiOps after you have entered the order in DemandOps.

With the help of Available to Promise Scheduler, you can search by specific item and look at On Hand inventory for it based off of the Location it is available. SemiOps lists out all the different locations that have inventory and then you can plan based off the inventory levels at that location.

ATP Tensoft SemiOps

In the screenshot above, you can see multiple orders. You can switch around the dates and see what your inventories would be like based off of the current commit dates that you have entered and then you can choose to either preview it or actually commit it into the system.

After you've entered the commit dates, you can ship the inventory out. When shipping the inventory out you can either have it done by a third party or have the shipping process done internally by your company. You can easily generate the shipping documents such as the commercial invoice, packing slip and shipping label out of the SemiOps. You can also format or customize these documents as per your needs. For example- they can have a custom report generated out of the shipper portal. A lot of our larger customers have found this feature helpful as they don’t have to go to a separate system for their custom reports.

If a third party is shipping for you, DemandOps provides them with access to the shipping information needed including any shipping notes and specific shipper details break weights. With increased visibility, they can ship the product for you based off of their inventory. It eliminates the wait and streamlines the shipping process. This is highly beneficial when working with different time zones. After they've shipped the order, you can review and finalize it on your end. You can email the shipping confirmation document to a customer directly from DemandOps.

One of the biggest benefits of DemandOps is that you always have real time visibility of any split shipments and commit dates that have been entered. You can also see when a shipment was finalized in SemiOps.

Tensoft DO Shipping

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