Easily Manage Data with Business Central Virtual Tables

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JourneyTEAM developers discuss the platform’s new capability (currently in preview) and how we put it to use for a real company.


Recently, Microsoft announced the preview of virtual tables within Dynamics 365. These tables allow users to create, read, and update/delete operations from Dataverse against data within Dyanmics 365. More simply, it allows users to pull in Dataverse data into Business Central without having the data reside in Business Central. It’s ideal in situations where users need to visualize data rather than integrate and store it. 

Once a virtual table is created, users have the ability to query data, create and update records, add data relationships, modify views, filter information, and more. Users can quickly create a detailed dashboard that provides valuable insight into gathered business data and make actionable business decisions from those tables. 

How JourneyTEAM Used Virtual Tables to Streamline Order Processing

JourneyTEAM recently utilized this new capability for one of our clients. The company was previously using Business Central for their order processing, but they wanted additional insight into shipped orders without integrating large datasets. 

To see how we used virtual tables to provide additional data insights without lengthy data integration, view our on-demand video. You’ll also learn:

  • How to set up virtual tables within Business Central
  • How to edit tables for optimum data views.
  • Which business situations are ideal for virtual tables.

Watch the video now to learn more or contact a JourneyTEAM representative.

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