Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Include CRM?

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Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is primarily a financial/ERP system.

It does include “Relationship Manager.” This is basically “light CRM” functionality that is great for basic contact management and staying on top of tasks.

However, when I talk to companies about the transformative benefits of a CRM system that will completely change your business, streamline sales operations and allow you to respond to customers faster, this is not possible using just the tools included in Business Central.

I regularly write about ways you can use CRM to improve Customer Retention, increase sales per sales rep and increase sales per customer.

If you really want the benefits of CRM that I outline in those articles, you will want to look at the full-blown Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service applications.

These tools include the automation and business process flow control you need to maximize your CRM success.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Out of the box, Microsoft Dynamics Sales, the CRM piece, will link to Business Central. There are a set of integration points to make life easy if you have both products. Then many people will customize and tweak the integration.

The Relationship Manager functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central is good, but definitely, the complete Dynamics 365 Sales application Is better and empowers you to:

  • streamline your operations
  • be more responsive to your customers, prospects and partners
  • deliver a consistent high quality customer experience.

A full CRM system is an extra expense, but it will make things easier for your reps to use CRM to stay on top of customer relationships and sell more.

Of course, I know that I am biased. I sell and implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. I use it internally too. But I can honestly say that a full-blown CRM system is amazing and will take your business to new heights.

At Azamba Consulting Group, we have a very structured, proven methodology with fixed fees and guaranteed outcomes. We are so sure that we offer a 100% moneyback guarantee on every CRM implementation we do.

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By Peter Wolf, Azamba Consulting Group,

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