Case study: From often late to 80% on-time deliveries

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How important are on-time deliveries? Or, how are late deliveries actually impacting your customer retention?
On-time shipment is crucial for trust-building as a manufacturer.

Can you imagine a birthday gift, your precious engagement ring, or Santa's gift being delivered one day late?

Just one day, makes a big difference, right?
That's what was happening at Adix before focusing on increasing their on-time deliveries. Read more to see what they did to change this.

About Adix

Adix engAt Adix they offer safe explosion prevention and protection solutions. They are an international company specializing in explosion prevention and protection solutions for solids handling processes. They support their customers in the whole process of implementing and monitoring explosion safety in their industry.

Adix has been serving in protection consulting and training in Explosive Atmospheres for over 20 years. Adix provides personalized assistance in more than 30 countries. Their service professionals can be deployed for on-site assistance for installation, commissioning, troubleshooting, and any needed repairs.

Adix and their Business Central experience

While they migrated to Business Central, with the help of their Gold Microsoft Partner Tecon, they improved cooperation between departments, streamlined business processes, and shortened decision making. Yet, their orders for preventing systems and protection systems were running late, for this reason, Adix searched for additional resources.

Now, with the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler, they shared their experiences on how their processes have been enhanced.

On-time Benefits of the BC and the VAPS

  • From almost all late deliveries to 80-90% on-time deliveries
  • Estimate delivery dates for the sales department to share with the customers
  • Clear priority definition
  • Transparent information for all employees
  • Greater scheduling timeframe
  • Transportation cost reduction thanks to a decrease in last-minute air cargo expedites.

Watch our customer review here:

We truly appreciate our valued customer, Adix, for sharing their experience. Gracias Ignacio!

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