Transform your retail business with LS Retail POS and Inventory Management Solution

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Transform your retail business with LS Retail POS and Inventory Management Solution

LS Central is a fully integrated retail management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings in POS, e-Commerce, Inventory management, Financial Management, and other customer engagement capabilities to the retailers. In addition, with this solution, you can access all your business information as and when you want. With the functionality of LS Central, retailers can manage their stock optimally with the help of manual and replenishment tools.

Are you sure that everything is processing quickly and efficiently with LS Central POS?

The trend of retail is changing. Retailers are familiar with various challenges that occur from time to time. With an advanced POS system, you can reduce the risks and turn them into big opportunities. You know flexible Point of Sale or POS system boosts up the process of checkout during peak hours, view up-to-date inventory, product details, deliver personalized services, drive your sales, access product recommendations, & improves customer engagement, and more.

  • Inbuilt AI customer recommendations
  • Effective loyalty programs
  • Speed-up checkout process
  • Offer personalized services, promotions, and customer engagement
  • Upselling and cross-selling of items
  • Check stock levels at different stores
  • Manage product returns, etc.
  • Self-Checkouts

Reduce Inventory cost with LS Central

LS Central provides a real-time, complete view of your retail business. However, since data alone does not guarantee effective decision-making, it also includes intelligent functionality to make inventory information work for you. With this data, you can stay on top of stock levels. It will be easier to track inventory on every step. Through the POS (and even returns), product ordering empowers you to better forecast, purchase, and marketing & advertisement decisions. With the replenishment of LS Central, you can plan your inventory based on real-time customers’ purchase history, sales across channels, delivery lead-time, minimum stock, and many more user-defined parameters, leads to:

  • Automated procurement
  • Optimum stock levels
  • Minimizing inventory storage
  • Increase the efficiency of your product variety
  • Other capabilities across retail channels from e-Mail to e-Commerce

What makes retailers use LS Central?

LS Central is a Unified Commerce Solution that brings real-time visibility, covers Point-of-Sale (POS), AI-based predictions, intelligent reporting & other backend functions that improve customer service & profitability. All information you can get on one central location, which allows you to track sales, stock, and productivity across all your locations. LS Central works for a small retailer to the retail chain with hundreds of POS with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid installation options.

To learn more about LS Central with a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption.

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