Tips for Managing Checks in Dynamics GP - 2022

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We LOVE Dynamics GP.  During the pandemic, there has been an increased risk of fraud given hybrid and remote work from home models.  Not only are these putting pressure on cyber security, but also on physical security for handling paper-based processes.

Tips for Managing Checks in Dynamics GP - 2022

For those clients who print checks (cheques in Canada) from Dynamics GP, in addition to managing your paper stock for MICR printing, the layout is also an important consideration. The following are two examples of good and bad layouts. Misalignment of fields and text can increase the chances of fraud.
Good Cheques - Include proper alignment, consistent capitalization and avoid large blank spaces which could leave room for insertion of added amounts.

Dynamics GP check printing

Bad Cheque Formatting - Poor formatting increases the risk of fraud.

Check printing error Dynamics GP

An alternative to printing and signing cheques is to empower your team to use EFT – Electronic Funds Transfers to pay invoices digitally. The GP Support North team at Endeavour can help you to quickly set up EFT functions with Dynamics GP via our support desk

When using EFT's we also recommend our available "EFT Tracker tool" for Dynamics GP. At a purchase price of $995, it comes with some valuable reports, auditing, and alerting capabilities to reduce the risk of a vendor payable account being redirected to a personal account. (New Clients Welcome)

As part of your Business Transformation using Dynamics GP, taking your payables one step further includes options for AP Automation, Payables and Signature Approval Workflow, and even SaaS-based Apps and Services for end-to-end Invoice payment processing that automatically processes and pays recurring bills, from your bank account, on your behalf.

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GP Support North is a large team of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) consultants at Endeavour Solutions, dedicated to supporting clients using Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) ERP.  We are your safe-haven for long-term GP support and consulting services.  We will not force you to change platforms, but if and when you are ready, we can help migrate you to the cloud.

2022: Our focus is on providing a "Safe-Haven" for Microsoft Dynamics GP users to gain access to expert GP support, GP training, GP upgrades, and consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics GP for the next 10+ years.

We love Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and have more than 550 active clients across North America predominately in the USA and Canada. We believe that GP has a long and prosperous future, and we are here to support you and your team.  Need a new GP partner?


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