Order Management in x2x Business Central to Shopify Integration

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Timely order shipment with correct essentials is mandatory to remain at the top of the game. No matter how good the product is, if its delivery is not on time, customer trust will shake. To ensure smooth operations and instant availability, the Integration of the eCommerce store with ERP plays a pivotal role. No wonder this is why more and more businesses are adopting ERP and eCommerce integration. This blog discusses the order management part of x2x Business Central to Shopify Integration.

x2x Integration allows clients to manually fetch eCommerce orders in Business Central or schedule the process. The simple “Download Orders” option instantly creates eCommerce store orders in the Dynamics 365 Business Central without any manual interruption.

x2x Integration not only creates orders efficiently in Business Central but also handles canceled orders, modified orders, and refunds as well. These are the common business scenarios that occur in day-to-day operations.


For instance, on the request of the customer to cancel the order on the Shopify store even after the order was downloaded and created in Business Central, x2x eCommerce handles it by canceling the order in BC automatically the next time the order process function is executed.


It is not unusual for the customers to request a change of items or quantities of order. In some situations, the company may reach out to the customer and offer a replacement item in case of an inventory shortage. When an order modifies on Shopify, the next order download cycle updates the change in the same order in Business Central as well.


When the customer returns the items for many reasons like they are not as per the customers' requirements or are damaged or unusable. Shopify updates the order status and refunds the money to the customer. When a sales return happens on Shopify, x2x integration will automatically create a sales return in Business Central.


Automate order download processes using Scheduler. Scheduling of key processes is one of the popular features of the x2x integration solution.


Order dashboard shows the list of all created/downloaded orders with their respective shipment and payment status. Moreover, process the eCommerce store orders in the same way as the native Business Central orders. The invoice and shipment information is updated on Order Dashboard after the order is fulfilled and invoiced. Otherwise, this information remains blank till order processing.


Integration updates fulfillment status on Shopify after order processing in Business Central. x2x integration provides multiple choices to the user on how and when to update the fulfillment information on Shopify from Business Central, it is possible in the following ways.

  • Update instantly, as soon as the order process
  • Manually, through shipment card or
  • Schedule the process through Scheduler


These are the key Sales Order processing features that reduce the manual effort, time, and data inconsistency issues. Furthermore, Order Management through x2x Integration helps manage the backend ERP and eCommerce operations efficiently and with ease.

For a detailed understanding of processes free to reach out to us. Also, we are here to assist your customers in deciding on an eCommerce solution that works best for them. Please visit www.x2xecommerce.com, email us at info@x2x-ecommerce.com, or call us at 877 927 2927

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