Microsoft Dynamics GP and Magento Integration by x2x eCommerce

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Manage web presence with Microsoft Dynamics GP & Magento Integration by x2x eCommerce
Dynamics GP & Magento Integration by x2x eCommerce

In this fastest growing world of e-commerce where businesses are adopting the latest technologies and increasing their presence on the web, it is imperative for all the organizations, whether they are in B2B, B2C, or in both the B2B and B2C, to have a web presence and offer the flexibility to their customers to do a comparison shopping and place the order in and out of the business hours.

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Unlike Shopify, Magento is a more sophisticated product with many more features. Magento is a highly scalable eCommerce solution that makes it suitable for companies with special business requirements. Furthermore, Magento allows the creation of multiple sites, stores, and storefronts. Also, each website can have multiple stores, and under each store, there can be multiple store views:

  • Multiple websites like for Apparel, Jewelry, Fabric, etc.
  • Under each website, there can be multiple stores in the US, Canada, EU, etc.
  • Under each store, there can be multiple storefronts like English, French, and Spanish.

Some other features that are not offered by other eCommerce solutions making Magento the preferred choice for the eCommerce solution are:

  • Multiple Customer types
  • Multiple Price Level
  • Price Breaks
  • Shipment and Payment options
  • Selling infractions (like 1.5 yards of fabric)
Why x2x eCommerce for GP -Magento Integration
Microsoft Dynamics GP & Magento Integration Module
Dynamics GP & Magento Integration Module by x2x

x2x GP Magento integration adds new features to Dynamics GP to make it more compatible with Magento eCommerce. As a result, the powerful integration solution from x2x drives the maximum potential of the Dynamics GP and Magento to provide a robust and flexible solution to the end-user.

x2x develops its solution in the same language as GP i.e. Dexterity. Moreover, x2x Magento-Dynamics GP integration work as an add-on eCommerce module for Dynamics GP. The interface is user-friendly, and the solution can be set up with user-defined parameters. Also, Integration is designed with keeping in mind the different business scenarios, and the options are provided accordingly. As a result, automate operations with desired flexibility and ease of use.

Benefits of Dynamics GP Magento Integration:
  • Seamless syncing between two platforms.
  • The integration requires only a minimum of training.
  • Avoid costly errors as a result of faulty data entry.
  • Reduce deployment time using our integration solution.
  • Add connections anytime, anywhere.
  • Free up time and resources to focus on your customers and business growth.
  • Eradication of order processing errors.

These are some of the benefits & features of the x2x GP Magento integration. There is a lot more to explore, like scheduling, multiple product images, creating categories/collections, and more. For further details and information about our products, please visit, email us at, or call us at +18889293266

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