How LS Central can helps to control your Restaurant Services?

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How LS Central can helps to control your Restaurant Services?

The restaurant that offers quick and better services or counter services can get benefit from the functionality offered by LS Central. This functionality of LS Central helps to take control of your restaurant’s services by connecting your floor staff with the kitchen so that they can deliver customers exactly what they order: quickly and accurately.

LS Central is a unified platform that gives you a clear summary of your whole process while enabling communication in the restaurant. By which you can send orders directly from the POS to the kitchen, speed up table turns, create menus centrally, decrease waste and operational costs, and delight your guests, repeatedly.

Keep total control over your restaurant business

All in one solution, LS Central for restaurant businesses enables you to:

  • Run and manage your business processes from headquarters
  • Centrally decide prices, recipes, and menus
  • Simplify your buying to maximize revenue
  • Control staffing efficiently
  • Analyze real-time business data, and make smart business decisions
  • Keep track of all your locations in real-time

No more error-prone processes with LS Central

Previously, running your restaurant it has required separate accounting software, POS system, vendor management, BI tools, and other management software systems. However, things are changed today; you can get all the functionality required for your restaurant in one place and in one system. In addition, when you only use one system, all your information is stored in one place that makes it easy to access, and straightforward.

Gain customer loyalty and maximize business

Deliver exceptional customer service and maximize your business by:

  • Quick orders and easy payments at the table with the mobile POS
  • Customized menu
  • Personalized promotions, discounts, and other offers
  • Loyalty programs
  • Fast and precise delivery service

Get your kitchen and floor staff connected with LS Central

With LS Central, you can connect your staff with the kitchen by displaying the order status of each table and setting warnings in case of delays. This easy-to-use graphical interface enables staff to cater to customers accurately. You can facilitate your management by having an error-free environment even if having the largest restaurant floor. Keep track of your customers and bookings to handle them professionally with no errors at all.

For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption.

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