Is Dynamics GP Project Accounting Overkill? You decide.

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Is Dynamics GP Project Accounting overkill?

Is Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting Not Flexible Enough?


If you’ve answered yes, then Blue Moon may have the solution to meet your needs with Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics!

In case you haven’t heard, Blue Moon acquired the Encore Business Solutions GP add-ons last July which includes Project Tracking.

Who’s a great fit?

Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics is an easy add-on to your GP install and is a great fit for a client who is looking for a way to tag their GP transactions to project(s) to capture the expenses incurred and/or the revenue earned to easily and accurately report on project profitability.

Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics is flexible! 

You decide what information is important for you to capture and once you know what you want to get out of Project Tracking, the setup is straightforward and quick.

And, did I mention that it’s easy to learn?  It’s ‘cake walk’ easy!  

In addition to being able to report on a project’s profitability you can also report across multiple projects – you will be able to slice and dice your project information your way!

We won’t try to stick you in our box. Instead, we’ll give you the tool that allows you to configure the solution your way.  Let’s face it, what’s important to you and your business may not be near as important to the next guy. Setup what you need, disregard what you don’t and the end result will be what you want.

Let's See An Example

Here’s an example of a Payables Transaction (see screenshots 1 and 2).  Notice that this is the native GP transaction entry window as well as the native GP transaction entry distribution window.  We don’t modify the GP windows at all.

Payables Transaction Entry Dynamics GP

If you’re not sure why that’s a benefit, well let me tell you that when you install a new GP service pack and Microsoft has made a change to their transaction entry window, Blue Moon’s Project Tracking won’t ‘squawk’ because all of the project information that you’re capturing against the GP transaction is housed within its own window and tables which opens alongside the GP transaction entry window.

Dynamics GP SmartList versus Advanced SmartList

Looking at the Project Tracking Distribution window you will notice that the GL Account and amount pulled in from the GP transaction/distribution.  The remaining fields have all been defined during setup.

Powerful Reporting

Transaction User-Defined fields (we give you 7) are ‘titled’ by you so that you can capture additional project information.

  1. These fields will give you the ability to report across projects. Here are some scenarios:
    I want to run a report and look at project profitability for all projects that Project Manager Alan Peters has been assigned to in the past 3 years, I could.
  2. I want to report on project profitability for the Dierks Bentley concert at the MTS Center (venue) versus another venue that he performed at.
  3. Dierks Bentley has performed at the MTS Center 2 years running – how does last year’s event compare to this year’s?

So many ways, so many possibilities when reporting on your projects.  Powerful!  And just an FYI – the Project Tracking Distribution window in the example here is the same window that opens throughout all of the core GP modules. Once you know how to assign one type of GP transaction, you’ll know how to assign a GP transaction to a project(s) from any GP transaction entry window.

Optional Tools

There are 2 tools available for Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics. They are the Budgeting and Importer modules.

The Budgeting add-on is self-explanatory in that you’ll be able to create a budget for your projects and track budget versus actuals and variances.  The Importer can be used to create your projects initially from an import file; create journal entries with project distributions (useful if you are using an external payroll system for instance and are creating journal entries in GP).

You can also use the Importer to bring in your project beginning balances and lastly, if you create your project budgets outside of GP you can use the Importer to create project budgets or a new revision of an existing project budget.

Blue Moon has also written the SQL validation inserts for Project Tracking that several of our clients use because they have a variety of integrations from other 3rd party solutions to GP using eOne’s SmartConnect or another integration tool.  Utilizing the Blue Moon SQL validation inserts clients have successfully written integrations to populate the Project Tracking Distributions at the time of creating the GP transactions.

Try it out

If you would like to install Project Tracking w/Advanced Analytics with trial keys, we'd be happy to help you get started.  We recommend approximately 3 to 4 hours of consulting services to get you set up with a trial so that you can effectively test out the Project Tracking solution.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to arrange for a demo, please reach out to us.

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