Adding new eCommerce related features in GP – Product Catalog in x2x Dynamics GP and Magento Integration

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In the new world, businesses are finding the advantages of implementing ERP-driven Enterprise eCommerce platforms. ERP integrated Enterprise eCommerce solutions help companies to manage their eCommerce front end with minimum effort. 

ERP and eCommerce are two entirely different solutions. Though designed for totally different purposes, they do share some common entities and have some entities that are unique to that software.  

This means that when the ERP and the Enterprise level eCommerce solutions are integrated, the data available in ERP like Customers, Items, Prices, available quantities can be updated on the eCommerce site. Similarly, Sales Orders placed by the customers on the eCommerce site can also be downloaded from the eCommerce to the ERP. 

Though this kind of integration is better than not having an integration, it is still a partial integration. x2x eCommerce is different because it not only integrates the common entities between the ERP and eCommerce systems but also adds the missing features in the ERP which are required to create a complete integration. For example, x2x eCommerce adds features like Product Catalog, Parent and Child Products, Attributes and Variants, SEO-related information like meta keyword, meta tags, and eCommerce product type in Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Adding new eCommerce related features in Dynamics GP
Adding new eCommerce related features in Dynamics GP

In this blog series, we will talk about eCommerce-related features. These are not available in Dynamics GP, x2x provides them in an eCommerce integration solution. 

Product Catalog / Store Menu

Creating Product Catalog:

A good-looking, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate site is a must for a pleasant eCommerce buying experience. It helps bring the customer repeatedly.

x2x creates the Menus and sub-menus on the Magento site from the Product Catalog feature. This feature is available in x2x eCommerce Integration Module. Not only does it create the Menus or Catalog on the Magento website but also links the products to the relevant pages of the eCommerce site.

Product Catalog in x2x GP-Magento Integration
Assigning items to Product Catalog:

Using the x2x eCommerce Product Catalog feature, users can create the categories and their subcategories. Then, upload them on Magento and categories and sub-categories creates as the menu and sub-menu on the front store.

Assigning Items to Catalog:

The Category assignment window provided by the x2x eCommerce allows attaching an item to any one or more categories or subcategories.  eCommerce site allows a single item to show in multiple categories. For example, an iPhone will be part of Mobile Phones, Smart Phones, Electronics, Gift Items, Promotion, and more.

Using Import Export Feature:

x2x eCommerce GP Magento Integration also provides a tool to import categories and subcategories from Microsoft Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP. Then, upload the imported categories to Magento.

Like categories and sub-categories. x2x eCommerce allows import of items relationship with the Categories and subcategories. This helps to seamlessly manage the Magento site from Dynamics GP with minimum manual interaction.

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