ERP Implementations Reimagined - Part 4

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The reasons ERP implementations fail are many. Unrealistic expectations, lack of commitment, incompetent project management, lack of user training, etc. In fact, nearly half of all ERP implementations fail. Your organization is looking to spend a good amount of time and money on an ERP implementation project. You can’t afford failure.

At Pelorus Technologies, we are committed to the success of your ERP implementation. In part 1 of this 4-part series, we outlined the reasons so many ERP implementations are unsuccessful. In part 2, we talked about Shadow ERP and why it threatens your implementation success. In part 3, we discussed the importance of Shadow ERP ratios. In Part 4, we’ll introduce you to a tool we use at Pelorus Technologies. The tool is called Insite, developed by HandsFree to turn Shadow ERP ratios into actionable insights.

Why measure Shadow ERP?

Shadow ERP consists of manual workarounds, customizations, and third-party add-ons that support an inadequate ERP solution. When your ERP solution fails to live up to your expectations or the salesperson’s promises, you need Shadow ERP. Analyzing the extent of your Shadow ERP helps us evaluate the fitness of your ERP solution. That knowledge can dramatically improve ERP software selection, implementation, and upgrades.

There’s a correlation between ERP failures and upgrade and migration procedures that have not kept pace with new technology. Our team at Pelorus is taking on the epidemic of failed and challenged ERP projects. We succeed by applying new tools, processes, and attitudes to our projects.  And it starts with measuring Shadow ERP.

Shadow ERP analysis provides critical data for improving ERP implementations and upgrades. But it can be difficult to catalog and monitor in real-time. We overcome these issues by having the right reporting tools and the right approach.

A new tool for ERP implementation success

Pelorus uses a reporting application from HandsFree called Insite to catalog Shadow ERP components and quickly analyze them by:

  • Function
  • Individual
  • Department
  • Location
  • Process flow

With Insite, we can examine Shadow ERP and proactively eliminate problem areas. We can capture data in real-time rather than with lengthy, time-consuming surveys that take weeks to complete. With Insite, we are replacing a tricycle with a Ferrari, which fits perfectly into our vision of speed to value.

Measure What You Manage 

The ultimate measure of ERP implementation success is adoption. But measuring adoption and user behavior can also be challenging.  The traditional way to determine adoption is user interviews and monitoring tasks, timing the tasks, and cataloging the tools used and process dependencies. This method fails when users start to invent workarounds. New app trials begin to pop up, and of course, out come the spreadsheets.

Reporting tools such as Insite measure adoption for you. Insite monitors ERP usage of forms and screens and shows up all the Shadow ERP elements. It identifies desktop apps and specific Excel spreadsheets and workbooks users are reaching for. And it does it privately and securely.

With that data usage available, Shadow ERP ratio is a dynamic monitor of user behavior across the organization. We’ll know which tools people are using and which they aren’t – in real-time. That will matter when you upgrade or migrate your ERP solution. You can avoid having a system you assume is successful, but no one is using it to its full potential.

With tools like Insite and an intentional process for guiding and supporting effective user behavior, your whole IT infrastructure, as well as user behavior, comes out of the shadows.

Break free from the Sure Step trap

In part 1 of this series, we warned about the overrated and overused Sure Step Method for ERP implementations. True, it’s been around for a long time. But that’s just the problem. Technology is constantly changing and implementation methods, to be successful, must keep up.

You owe it to yourself to evaluate the advanced processes, tools, and attitude that the Pelorus team can bring to your critical project. Contact our experts at Pelorus Technology and let us show you the tools and technology that lead to ERP implementation success.

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