Adding new eCommerce related features in GP – Configurable Products in x2x Dynamics GP and Magento Integration

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x2x eCommerce is different because it not only integrates the common entities between the ERP and eCommerce platforms but also adds the missing features in the ERP. It ensures an end-to-end integration. For example, x2x eCommerce adds features like Product Catalog, Parent and Child Products, Attributes and Variants,  eCommerce product type, etc in Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

This is the second blog of this blog series which talks about the features added by x2x eCommerce in Dynamics GP to make it fully compatible with Magento eCommerce. 

Configurable Products Feature

Configurable product feature in x2x ERP and eCommerce Integration

Configurable Products

Magento offers an option to create configurable products. These are the collection of individual SKUs with their attributes to provide an easy-to-navigate option to the site visitors.

Configurable product of x2x ERP and eCommerce Integration

In this fictitious example, this Sweatshirt has 20 different SKUs which are 5 sizes of all 4 colors. These 20 SKUs are individual items in ERP but they need to be presented on the eCommerce store as one item with multiple choices. When the customer selects a color and size and adds it to the order, the SKU that represents the combination of the selected attribute is added to the Magento and GP order.

How to Create Configurable Items in Magento from Dynamics GP

The new feature added by x2x eCommerce in Dynamics GP allows the users to:

  1. Define the attributes or variants like color and sizes
  2. Create a parent or configurable product and enable the attributes
  3. Assign the Parent items and attributes to GP Items
Step 1 – Defining Attributes or Variants

The first step in creating a configurable product is to define the Attribute and its members. The above example shows a "Color" Variant creation. Then in the Color window, define all the colors associated with all the selling items of the company. This can be done by either manually entering the data or by importing from the excel feature provided in the solution.

Step 2 – Creating Configurable or Parent Products

x2x Parent or Configurable Product creation window allows the user to create a new or edit an existing product. Users can define the item Name, detail description for the website,  and also the Attribute or Variants associated with the product like size and color in the considered example. Further, assign members to each variant. For instance, in this example, there are only two colors and two sizes are available for this product.

Step 3 – Assigning Parent Product and Attributes to the GP Item

The last step is to link the Parent or Configurable product to GP Items.

  1. No two items have the same combination of variants. For example same color and same size.
  2. Link items to parent manually or through the Excel import

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