Advice for retailers considering DaaS (FAQs answered)

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Modern shoppers expect brands to be informed about trends in technology and keep their systems updated; however, traditional device rental and ownership models are quickly becoming outpaced by the rapid evolution of technology. Device as a Service (DaaS) is a fractional ownership subscription business model changing the way retailers approach technological infrastructure.  

DaaS providers offer hardware, software, and device lifecycle management in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. Unlike a $1 buyout or fair market value (FMV) operating lease, DaaS contracts follow standardized per device per month pricing and have no option for the customer to own the device(s) at the end of the subscription period.  

DaaS presents an appealing alternative to many retailers for its accessibility, low barrier to entry, and scalability. Brands that switch from an operating lease can decrease downtime, liability, and overhead. Additionally, any IT costs related to devices would count as operating expenses rather than capital expenses, making them tax deductible.  

Retailers that adopt DaaS can benefit from: 

  • Increased flexibility to adopt new technologies 
  • Cost-effective solution to technological infrastructure 
  • Streamlined productivity for internal IT teams 
  • Fast deployment and iterative testing cycles 
  • Enhanced security and recovery of devices 

Read the full blog for answers to the most frequently asked questions about DaaS. 

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