x2x eCommerce Integration of Shopify with Navision

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The post COVID world is entirely different from the world we have lived in before. Things have changed, some for the time being and some perhaps forever. One such change is customer behavior and the adaption of online buying as the new way of life. x2x eCommerce Integration of Shopify with Navision, connected to Dynamics 365 Business Central, makes it easy for the organizations to expand their reach and sell on the web using Shopify, the power of the top-of-the-line eCommerce solution available in the market.

Why x2x for Shopify and Navision Integration?

x2x Shopify and Dynamics Navision Integration by x2x-eCommerce is a native solution for Dynamics Nav that works inside Dynamics Nav as an add-on solution. The solution provides a familiar interface to the Nav users and requires much less time to learn the solution.

Selling what you have – Inventory Management.

With the eCommerce store developed in Shopify being directly connected with Navision, enable the clients to upload the items, prices as well as customer data directly to their eCommerce site. In addition, inventory change in Navision also updates on Shopify eCommerce store. Ensuring acceptance of orders of the items available in stock only is paramount to get customers back and place repeat orders. A continuous update of quantities by Nav to Shopify web store ensure that Shopify restricts the customer orders to available quantities only.

Timely Shipment and Delivery – Order Management

Another critical factor that brings the customer back for repeat orders is prompt and on-time delivery. Customers expect businesses to keep their words and deliver on time. With the Shopify site connected with the Nav, the orders are placed by the customers on the Shopify site and downloaded on a regular interval directly into Dynamics Nav. This means that the warehouse has the Shopify order for processing within minutes of the customer placing the order.

Create Shopify Product/Items on Shopify – Product Management

x2x Shopify integration with Dynamics Nav seamlessly create items in Shopify eCommerce store in less time. The item created on the web store also includes related information like attributes, collection, price, available inventory, and description.

Parent/Child Relation of Items

x2x enhances the functionality of Dynamics Nav by creating Parents items and linking them with their child items from the Navision items table. This way, the Nav items become compatible with the eCommerce store's requirements. The solution automatically creates the variants on Shopify, picking up the relationship between parent and child items in Nav.

Order, Fulfillment, and Invoicing - Order Management:

In addition to downloading Shopify orders, the x2x solution also handles the orders fulfillment process. When the orders are downloaded in Navision and shipped, the shipment information is updated on the Shopify web store. When the order is invoiced, the system sends a trigger to the Shopify website to invoice the amount to the customer, charge the customer card and release the pre-auth created at the time of order placement.

Order Modification and Returns – Returns Management:

It is not unusual that customers may call and ask to make a change in the order they have placed. When the order changes on Shopify, that change downloads in Navision, and the order updates with the new products, quantities, and payment information. Similarly, when the customer returns the product, the x2x solution can handle the sales returns through the Shopify site.

Customer Management:

The x2x bi-directional customer integration allows the creation of Dynamics Navision customers on Shopify and Shopify customers into Dynamics Navision. Create the B2B Customer in Navision on the Shopify site easily to allow regular customers to buy online. Similarly, create a Shopify customer in Nav.

These are some of the features provided by x2x Shopify and Nav integration. We will be more than happy to discuss your business requirements and to give you a demo of our solution. So, what are you waiting for? Your next level of business is just a step away

Feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist your customers in deciding on an eCommerce solution that works best for them. Please visit www.x2xecommerce.com, also, email us at info@x2x-ecommerce.com, or call us at +18889293266

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