What's New In Business Central Manufacturing 2021

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Around April and October of every year, Microsoft releases new features for their Dynamics products.  

In the post on Sabre Limited's website titled "2021 Business Central Manufacturing Features Round-Up", we look into a large number of the changes to Business Central that can help a manufacturing business.

Here is a sample of a few of the new features we looked at.

Excel Works Even Better 

One of the biggest selling points of Dynamics 365 Business Central manufacturing is the seamless integration of it with other Microsoft products.  The integration improvements with Excel provide a better user experience.  

Companies can now enjoy even more comprehensive integration with Excel. For example, there are now more places to use the edit in Excel feature. This makes it a lot easier for manufacturing companies to get their work done.  

The biggest place this update will be of use would probably be in forecasts and releases and in updating sales order releases. 

Automatic Creation of Lot and Serial Information Cards 

Before the new update to 2021 Business Central in October, many companies had to manually create cards to hold extra information for lots and serial numbers.  

The new update allows users to auto-create these cards in the system itself, thereby taking some manual work off the hands of the employees. 

These new changes mean that users can create these pages and add details directly while creating item tracking lines.  

If this sounds a little bit complex, you should watch this video to learn about this new feature and how you can use it to improve your efficiency. 

No More Rounding Errors 

One of the most enduring problems of Business Central is the rounding errors where we see .9999 units of some product when we are supposed to see 1. 

This error has remained constant throughout all the new updates of Business Central, but we finally see that bug squashed.  The newest update to Business Central includes a function to force the numbers to round to the proper quantity which eliminates odd decimal place numbers of units. 

More Allowance For Variants  

Previous versions of Business Central didn't allow for differentiating variations of the same product.  

For example, in planning and forecasting, you really couldn't select different color variants of the same products. However, the new update allows these subtypes to be selected. 

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How Sabre Can Help You  

Sabre is 100% committed to helping manufacturing companies navigate these new changes, and actually deploy them in a way that will improve their manufacturing process.  

If you need experts who can help you implement and train your staff on Business Central, contact us today by emailing info@sabrelimited.com or visit our website at www.sabrelimited.com. 

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