The Flexibility and Many Uses of DynamicPoint’s Office 365 Portal Applications

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DynamicPoint portals allow for easy access and the sharing of customer, vendor, or employee information from your ERP or CRM systems. The data is secured by displaying only the relevant information for the authenticated user. By leveraging the Office 365 platform, which provides the foundation for every DynamicPoint portal, Power Automate workflows can be added in conjunction with data collection forms to automate entire business processes. With 24/7 self-service, customer satisfaction will increase. Partners will have direct connection to your staff, so you can answer any questions they have immediately in real-time without having to pick up the phone or send an email.

All of the following portal examples can be achieved by using the same portal application provided by DynamicPoint. We have learned from experience that a portal means something different to each customer, and our product is built as a configurable, extensible platform to accommodate these unique requirements.

  1. Customer Sales Portal– Focused on sharing customer orders and invoices, including order entry
  2. Vendor Purchasing Portal– Collaborate on purchase orders assigned to vendor, and enabling the entry of PO status and shipping details
  3. Service Portal – Create new service cases and see the status of existing open service requests
  4. Manufacturing Portal – Share the status of open production orders, bill of material structures, and inventory status
  5. Job Cost Portal – Visibility to open jobs, change requests, and subcontractor management
  6. Vendor Onboarding – Manage the gathering of documentation for new vendor requests, routing for internal approval, and vendor creation in the ERP system

Take a tour of the various portal options available by accessing our portal presentation here or watch the on-demand video where we further showcase the possibilities of how you can use this application.


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