Microsoft Power BI Helps Remote Workers Succeed

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Power BI for Remote Work Success

Things have changed a lot in the last two years. Remote working, which we thought would be a stopgap measure for a few weeks, has become a way of life for many. Read on to see how Microsoft Power BI helps remote workers succeed.

The Questions

How has having a remote workforce affected your business? How has it impacted your performance? Do you have the necessary infrastructure to allow employees to connect remotely and work effectively and efficiently?

Once you’ve straightened out the logistics, the next priority is ensuring everyone has access to the data they need to make informed and strategic decisions.  Without reliable and relevant data, management and employees will be in the dark about which direction to pursue.

How can everyone access the data needed to keep the business running smoothly?

Often, the information you depend on to drive your business is provided by the accounting/finance department. If they are not in the office, can they still provide you with that critical data? If those employees cannot be on-site, what can you do to maintain business continuity?

The Answer

What you need a fully accessible, real-time, complete view of all aspects of your business. You need data as well as insight into the data’s meaning and how you can use it to your advantage. You need business intelligence.

Power BI is a tool that is the business intelligence component of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes Power Apps and Power Automate. It allows you to visualize the data from your Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP solution along with other systems such as Facebook, Google Analytics, SharePoint, or any business system that houses data.

Even within the same industry, each business is unique. They all have certain processes, data requirements, and reporting needs. And each department, team, or role has particular methods of operation. That requires that a solution be flexible enough to adapt to any situation.

Microsoft Power BI has the flexibility for rapid setup. You can give all your teams, including those working remotely, access to the data required by their role. Power BI will allow you to keep your business operating smoothly regardless of where your employees work.

Here are just a few areas where Microsoft Power BI can benefit your remote workers:

Accounts Payable

Internet-accessible, customizable, easy-to-use dashboards help your AP team continue processing invoices and accounts payable without disruption.

They can track and report on vendor charges, accounts payable aging, and cash outflow. The data interpreted with Power BI can help them determine projected cash flow.

Accounts Receivable

Power BI dashboards help your AR team process invoices, track outstanding invoices, and monitor credit aging. They’ll have the data they need to report on receivables trends.


Dashboards will deliver at-a-glance insight into key metrics such as quotas, market size, and opportunities. Your sales team can quickly drill down for additional details needed to make proactive decisions about sales goals.


Business decision-makers need information from all departments and teams. Power BI’s easily customizable dashboards gather data from across the organization to provide a holistic view of your business.  Reporting and metrics on every facet keep you informed and help you make smart, proactive decisions.

Get BI from anywhere

Microsoft Power BI helps to provide the insights you need in nearly real-time and gives you a truthful picture of what is really happening in your business. It gives you the information you need to determine whether or not you need to pivot, and if you do need to pivot, how best to do it.

If you’d like suggestions about what you should consider when deploying a remote workforce, view our webinar: How to Successfully Deploy a Remote Workforce.

Our team at ArcherPoint can get you started with a business intelligence foundation built on Power BI. Not only will you be able to weather the pandemic, but also accelerate when the storm is over. Contact ArcherPoint today.

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