Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify Integration by x2x eCommerce

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eCommerce store has become an integral part of the business in today’s world. Online presence demands up-to-date product, price, and inventory information to avoid lost sales. Moreover, better customers satisfaction requires the fastest order fulfillment process. To achieve these demanding needs, integration between an ERP and eCommerce solution is vital.


Why x2x eCommerce for GP  -Shopify Integration

Powerful Integration solution tends to drive the maximum potential of both applications. x2x Integration is one such solution that incorporates the capabilities of two platforms and optimizes the benefits for the end-user. The interface is user-friendly, and the solution can be set up with user-defined parameters. Also, Integration is designed with keeping in mind the different business scenarios, and the options are provided accordingly. As a result, automate operations with desired flexibility and ease of use.

Features of x2x Dynamics GP- Shopify Integration
Product Management

Product representation is the key element to attracting an audience in an eCommerce world. For this reason, eCommerce sites introduced multiple options and functionalities to feature their products innovatively. ERP on the other hand has its ways of defining products. x2x introduces parent-child items feature in Dynamics GP to present the Product in a way that is consistent with the requirements of the eCommerce sites. The parent-child module allows the presentation of the products created in ERP in the format of eCommerce site pages.

Price Management

It is imperative always to have the current prices updated on the eCommerce site. With prices on the web-store coming from Dynamics GP, x2x GP Shopify integrator ensures that the prices are promptly updated on the web store. Furthermore, the price can be a list price or select from the price level.

Inventory Management

Updated and correct Inventory count on eCommerce store ensures hassle-free operations. Upload and update inventory whenever needed with ease.

Customer Management

Create Shopify Customer in GP or create GP Customer on Shopify as per the requirement. Moreover, if not interested in creating every web store customer in an ERP, use the guest customer option.

 Order Management

Instant availability of web store orders in a system is necessary for quick order processing. The order download option generates web orders in the system with the same information. After processing the order in GP, update fulfillment and payment status from GP to Shopify easily.

These are some of the features of the x2x GP Shopify integration. There is a lot more to explore, like scheduling, multiple product images, creating categories/collections, and more. For further details and information about our products, please visit, email us at, or call us at +18889293266

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