Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP Implementation: Ask Yourself ‘Which Features Do I Really Need?’

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When we start shopping for a new accounting or ERP system, we start by gathering a list of everyone’s hopes, wants and needs in a solution (this is a great start and we’re glad that you’re putting it all together). Unfortunately, we don’t spend enough time asking ourselves the question ‘Do we REALLY NEED something to do our daily tasks or should we be prioritizing this at a future phase?’ (which is obviously less fun, but very necessary).

At Bam Boom Cloud, we believe that just because a system can do something, doesn’t mean you should have it on Day 1. How do you know if you really need a certain feature if you haven’t started using the system yet? Our recommendation to you is to start using the basic functionalities and see where you have room for improvement. We think you will be surprised how much farther your system can take you with just the basic integration to Microsoft 365 (formally Office 365).

Ask yourselves the question: How are we doing it now?

If the process already works well, don’t add another layer of complexity just because everything can be automated. Start by learning the new system, then document and we can take the proper steps together in getting it ready to automate. Just because the system CAN do it, doesn’t mean it HAS to do it right away.

It’s exciting to know that a new system will be able to do all these things for us, but this adds a level of complexity to the implementation that small businesses just don’t need. Having the right software that you know you don’t have to change and can grow with your needs is most important. The rest will follow as your needs evolve with your organization.

A great example of this is integrations: your first step should be just getting your information into the system rather than doing the transactions manually. People underestimate how far you can go with a basic Excel sheet, which might be enough for your business right now.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s tempting to add all these features because they exist in the system. However, adding all the bells and whistles on Day 1 is one of the main reasons why ERP implementations fail since this adds time and complexity to your implementation.

Get Started with KickStart™

We want to make sure your ERP implementation is a success and there are no additional surprises. This is why we offer fixed-fee, fixed-scope implementation packages to help you get started with what you really need and then once you and your team have had the time to learn the system, we can look at how we can optimize current processes since you have a better understanding on how things work.

By Bam Boom Cloud, a Dynamics 365 implementation partner for small businesses.

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