How to transform your retail business with LS Central?

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How to transform your retail business with LS Central?Moving to an ERP solution can help your retail business to resolve many of these issues. Whereas, LS Central is a fully integrated retail management solution built on Dynamics 365 Business Central. You can use only this software instead of many. By using this, you can cut software and system administration costs, say goodbye to integration costs. Also, have consistent financial data, control prices, simplify and speed up upgrades, and access all your business information as and when you want.

Here are some of the ways that transform your retail business.

Allowing employees to deliver exceptional service

LS Central helps your employees provide excessive service to today’s highly informed customers. At the mobile POS (Point of Sale), employees will get real-time visibility over the stock and can look up product details, check availability, compare options, of specific colors or sizes, and exceptional order items from other locations.

Contactless options in-store

By implementing self-service checkouts, you can give customers the autonomy they desire while shopping with no queues. It can be possible with only Scan-Pay-Go technology. LS Central Scan-Pay-Go combines a loyalty program and point of sale (POS) within a single app that runs on the consumer’s device. In-store, they can use the app to self-scan items, apply offers and coupons, and pay for their shopping.

Omni-channel shopping

Let your customers shop as, when, and where they prefer. LS Central helps you track all sales for all your channels in one central place, so you can offer Omni-channel services like click & collect (with a pick-up in-store, at the curbside, or in a locker), and let customers return and exchange in-store items they bought online.

Quick action and business continuity

LS Central is available as a software as a service (SaaS) in the reliable Microsoft cloud. When you use a SaaS solution you can also add new functionality, from mission-critical applications to innovative technology, in days instead of months. While many cloud-based POS does not work without an internet connection, with LS Central the POS also works in offline mode. It means that your business can always be operational, selling products and serving customers even when there is no network.

Strong visibility, up-to-date information decision-making, and overall control

LS Central provides you with a real-time, complete view of your business. However, since data alone does not guarantee effective decision-making, we have also included intelligent functionality to make your data work for you.

Led towards the future

Manage your stock optimally, minimizing inventory while reducing out-of-stock situations with a mix of manual and replenishment tools. Like Microsoft, LS Retail is constantly improving and updating the solution so it can grow with your business needs, and move with your customers’ demands. At MetaOption, we are committed to constant innovation, and to keep our clients always competitive with less effort on their part. This is possible because the powers of the cloud, make it easy to keep our customers transforming their business that led towards the future.

For more information and a tailored demonstration contact us today at MetaOption.

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