Color Compass enables sales reps to work online or offline

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Color Compass Corporation provides paints and related supplies to the collision repair industry, chains, and channel sales distributors throughout Canada.

Business Situation

Historically, Color Compass sales reps in the field recorded sales orders on paper. Then they called an internal order desk and relayed the order over the phone. The internal sales associate recorded the order a second time on paper. Finally, it was entered into the Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. The process was time-consuming and susceptible to errors, resulting in more lost time, lost sales, and unhappy or lost customers.

Color Compass wanted to automate the sales order process by implementing a solution for use in the field to enhance their business. They were looking for a solution built on a similar philosophy as Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A solution that could be easily tailored to fit the Color Compass business and optimized for fast, reliable performance on mobile computers.


Color Compass selected ExpandIT Field Service software to help them automate their sales force. They liked ExpandIT because it provided them with a straightforward and reliable middleware solution. Additionally, it was easy to set up and provided all of their needed functionality. Key features of the ExpandIT solution included:

  • Fast and reliable performance on mobile computers
  • Integration between mobile computers and the NAV system in the office
  • Online and offline access
  • Capable of querying ERP online for quantity availability and customer prices
  • Budget-friendly

Additionally, ExpandIT provided various services, including technical support, installation and setup, maintenance, application support, online support, hotline, and mobility processes.


With ExpandIT software, Color Compass sales reps can review customer inventory while on-site, check the customer’s order history, statistics, recommended orders (via templates), or create a new sales order in real-time using a hand-held device. Orders are immediately transmitted to the company’s NAV order management system and warehouse pick tickets are generated. As a result, the entire order-to-pick ticket process now takes about five minutes.

Additionally, the reduced amount of time required for placing orders has also increased the efficiency of the sales representatives, freeing up more time for new sales opportunities. Overall, ExpandIT Field Service software has helped Color Compass increase customer satisfaction and provide an exceptional customer experience.

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