Business Central & Shopify Integration by x2x-eCommerce

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Business Central & Shopify Integration is one of the most sought-after solutions these days. This blog discusses this solution in detail.

Business Central & Shopify Integration by x2x-eCommerce
End to end Integration Solution
Why Shopify 

Shopify is, by far, the most popular e-commerce platform available today. Shopify is popular in the SMB market segment because it is affordable and user-friendly. Moreover, Shopify is a feature-rich, adaptable, and comprehensive e-Commerce platform. In addition to it, Shopify allows organizations to create their flexible online store with many built-in features and an array of apps. Likewise, Shopify is to eCommerce what QuickBooks is to ERP.  

Why Integrate with ERP 

 In the post-COVID world, selling online is no more an option. Selling online is a must for the survival and growth of the business. Also, this new phenomenon of online presence is here to stay and not going to reverse. Furthermore, the fate of the companies is unsure in the future who refuse to ride the current wave. 

The real issue that businesses face right now is to find a way to handle their web presence effectively. An online store requires continuous monitoring and data updating. This ensures that customers are given the choice and selection to evaluate, compare and buy the right products at the correct prices. This means that customers should not be allowed to add the items in the cart that the organization does not carry or that are not in stock. 

For better customer retention, the requirement is to accept the order of only those items that are in stock and the ability to deliver them promptly. Since the inventory is dynamic, with the inventory balances changing, there is no way of manually updating the inventory balances on the web store.  

The best tool available to the companies to keep their web store updated with the available quantities is to fetch the inventory quantities data from their ERP system. Quantities update continuously in an ERP and it's better to update eCommerce sites with ERP quantities.  

The customers today are demanding. In fact, they expect the companies to keep their words of supplying the right product promptly at the promised time. This is possible with the instant availability of orders in the system so the warehouse ships them as soon as possible.

Downloading a web order right away in Dynamics 365 is important. It reduces the staff's manual work and chances of error and omission. Also, to inform the warehouse about the orders instantly and to ship goods swiftly, it is important to have integration between the two platforms.

Why x2x for BC Shopify Integration? 

x2x Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Shopify eCommerce Integration is a robust and powerful solution. It swiftly transfers the data between Dynamics 365 BC and Shopify. This solution is native in Business Central, i.e., it has been developed as an add-on module that runs from inside of Dynamics 365 BC. The solution also adds many more eCommerce-related features in D365 BC, which are not available by default. This includes creating Matrix products with Parents and Child items, adding an eCommerce section in Customer and Item cards, custom data import and export, which include eCommerce-related data to be imported and exported from D365 BC. 

 In the same way, we will try to describe the integration touchpoints in future blogs. But please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist your customers in deciding on an eCommerce solution that works best for them. Please visit, email us at, or call us at +18889293266

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