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HandsFree is a dramatically different approach to the data capture and automation market for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.  It includes AP Automation and much more.  Accounts Payable (AP) automation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data capture and automation but it’s a great place to start.

Data capture and automation is known by various names: RPA (robotic process automation, IPA (intelligent data automation), whatever you call it, it replaces manual data entry. It’s hands-free.

The tools allow your system to read documents, manual and electronic, and extract useful data. Information from manual and electronic forms can then be moved directly into your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution.

Accounts payable automation

Accounts payable automation or AP automation is a term used to describe the ongoing effort of many companies to streamline the business process of their accounts payable departments. Your accounts payable department is responsible for reviewing and processing transactions between your company and its suppliers. They have to make sure that all outstanding invoices from suppliers are approved, processed, and paid. Processing an invoice includes recording important data from the invoice and entering it into your company’s financial, or ERP, system. Then the invoices proceed through your company’s respective business process in order to be paid. These processes are relatively straightforward but can be time-consuming, especially if your company has a great number of invoices. It is especially cumbersome when the invoices that require processing are on paper. Then you risk lost invoices, human error during data entry, and invoice duplicates. These and other problems lead to a high cost per invoice metric.

Accounts Payable automation captures data from vendors’ invoices and enters it into your ERP solution without the need for your team to retype it. Again, hands-free

Until recently, AP automation has been the main focus for vendors offering data capture and automation solutions in the mid-market ERP space.  The logic of this focus and the benefits are evident.

  • AP automation is efficient, accurate, and secure.
  • AP automation is relatively easy compared to automating other business processes.
  • AP automation is a quick fix, and vendors and buyers can realize rapid ROI.
Beyond AP automation

But data capture and automation tools can do so much more than AP automation.

For example, they can speed up customer order entry. We now live in a world of online orders and same-day shipping. Customers have come to expect expedited everything. Improved customer delivery will set your business apart from your competitors. So why not make it a priority?

In a future post, we’ll explore some further uses and benefits of data capture and automation.

If you’d like to talk about how automation can benefit your teams and leave you hands-free, contact our experts at HandsFree. We’re the mid-market leaders in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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