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Quality Forklift is a business, with multiple locations in Minnesota, that repairs, services, and sells all makes and models of lift trucks.

Business Situation

For many years, Quality Forklift’s field service technicians used pen and paper to record job information in the field. They would then scan or eventually email copies of the work order to the head office. Often, papers got lost or damaged, and tracing past paperwork was a challenge. In addition, it took time for technicians to send in the paper information, leading to delays in processing the information.

To make technicians efficient in the field Quality Forklift needed a solution that would allow them to execute tasks through their mobile device. This included receiving, managing, and closing service orders. Additionally, they wanted to have the customer sign off and send the completed order directly into the NAV system without generating paper work orders. Ideally, the solution would also allow the technician to generate new requests for service and create invoices in the field.


Quality Forklift deployed ExpandIT Field Service software to support their technicians in the field and also the shop. All technicians received a tablet and were allowed the choice of using a tablet or their phones for the ExpandIT software.

The data entry and procedures were easy to adapt to, and there was a short learning curve. Everyone clearly understood the benefits and liked the modernization.


Using ExpandIT Field Service software Quality Forklift provides customers with estimates much faster. Customers like to see Quality Forklift’s staff using tablets and modern technology. It shows the company is well organized, and that their information is getting recorded in the most up-to-date way possible.

On the administrative side, there many efficiencies. Previously it used to take 6 to 7 days to invoice a customer, now it is done within 1 to 2 days. This is a 71% reduction in invoicing time.

On the operations end, there is a lot more awareness of the customers. Field technicians can access a customer’s detailed information on their device when visiting. They know about past work or regular service items. Customers are happy to know that technicians are aware of what happened at the last interaction the customer had with the company. Technicians can quickly retrieve a work order and easily add in detailed notes easily, photos or capture signatures from customers. They have everything  they need on their device.

Read the full Quality Forklift case study!

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