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Empowering your employees to handle some of their own administrative tasks equals time savings and cost reductions for your HR team. Greenshades Green Employee can help with that.

Optimize your resources by providing the knowledge and tools your employees need to serve themselves on-demand. Rather than have them submit questions and requests by appointment or email, give them a site they can access to get the answers to questions, check on benefits, schedule vacation time, and much more.

Easy setup, easy to use

It’s easy to set up and easy to edit information when necessary. Changes to on-file employee profile information are reflected automatically in forms and tax returns.  New hires are led through a simple process to set up direct deposit, complete their I-9 and W-4 forms, and electronically sign documents specific to their role. Once onboarding is complete, new employees immediately become full members of the Platform, ready to elect benefits and access the rest of the portal.

And your employees are empowered to update their records any time a life event requires them to do so – from a change of address to adding new dependents – without HR intervention.

A new desktop menu

Greenshades has recently updated its desktop menu to make it more efficient and user-friendly. In addition to visual updates, the menu is now mobile responsive, allowing employees to access and navigate their Green Employee profile from their phones or tablets. Of course, access is restricted to those with Green Employee permissions.

The new navigation top menu replaces the side menu and gives access to all the pages your employees need.

Some features of the new desktop menu:

We’ve done our best to make the app as user-friendly and easy to navigate as possible.  Click the employee/company image on the far right of the navigation bar to open a sub-menu allowing easy and secure log-off.

If an employee needs access to multiple companies, they can easily switch between them within the sub-menu.

Tasks have been modernized and can now be accessed by the bell icon.

Just as with familiar apps, once the screen size is small enough the menu collapses. There's a “hamburger” menu in the top left corner that will open up mobile-friendly navigation when clicked.

Greenshades designed these improvements to Green Employee to make the app more intuitive and employee-friendly. This will help both employees and HR teams work smarter.

You can take a look at the new navigation menu on YouTube:

 View Our New Navigation Menu 

Next, contact our experts at Greenshades to see how Green Employee can benefit your business.

We serve businesses wanting to unify payroll and human resources processes. Greenshades Software delivers an independent platform centered around proactive compliance, taxes, and employee engagement; all backed by world-class support.

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