Dynamics HR with D365 F&O - Part 2

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Customization in Dynamics HR

Before you begin reading this post on how you can customize the HR module in D365F&O, please refer to my previous post on deploying a new Dynamics HR environment.

Dynamics HR has very limited capabilities to expose any changes directly onto the environment. Unlike D365F&O, there is no SDK available wherein we can use Visual studio to perform any code or process changes and make any modifications to forms.

The only change you can perform is embed a Power App, create custom fields in the table or form, or embed a Power BI report.

Since Microsoft hasn’t released any documents on customization best practices, here are some basic steps that you can follow to implement small changes.

New Table Field

Let us begin with making simple changes to create a new field to an existing Worker master and add that to a form.

Navigate to the Personnel management module and select the links section which will open up a list of menu items. Click on the “Employees” menu item as shown below:

Select any employee record to open the details form. Right click on any section of the form and click “Personalize”.

Click on “Personalize this page” and select “Add a field” option

Click again on the form anywhere to add a new field which will open up a default field list of the table.

Click on the “Create new field” option. It will open the form as shown below:

Let’s add a new drop-down field to this form. so, enter all the details as shown below:

Please notice that I have selected the field type as Pick list which will act as a drop down/look up. “Save” to finish creating the new field. Reload the entire page to see the effect.


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