How efficiently you can use Warehouse Labels with Advanced WMS?

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How efficiently you can use Warehouse Labels with Advanced WMS?Warehouse labels can help you streamline operations and increase overall productivity if they are used effectively. Storage facilities tend to be of considerable size, and stock items can be challenging to find if there are no labels to guide employees to their whereabouts. Without these labels, it would be nearly impossible to find any item in a storage facility efficiently.

This article will discuss what kinds of warehouse labels are in use right now and how to use them effectively with an Advanced WMS to save time and effort in locating items.

Here are some of the different types of Warehouse Labels:

  • Floor Labels
  • Retro-Reflective Labels
  • Magnetic Labels
  • Warehouse Bin Labels
  • Rack Labels
  • Cold Storage Labels

How efficiently you can use Warehouse Labels.

Here are some tips on how to efficiently you can use warehouse labels to minimize overhead costs and increase efficiency.

Numerical System

By using warehouse labels in a numerical system for employees can locate any item in the facility quickly. Numbering the lanes, racks, shelves, and bins is a lot more effective than using any other indicator, such as colors or symbols. In addition, using a sequential system gives you the freedom to increase more lanes, racks, or shelves to your facility.

Arrange it in an Easy to Find

By arranging warehouse labels in an easy-to-find way, makes warehouse employees often fail to consider when posting their signs. When putting on your labels, consider that your employees are continuously running and need to locate an item as quickly as possible. Therefore, it would be difficult to scan if your labels are too high on the racks to be read or have letters and numbers that are too small.

Ensure Consistency

Place labels consistently on racks, lanes, shelves, bins, or containers on the same spot. Consistency in placing labels helps employees remember where to look for the details to locate specific items. Also, inconsistently placing labels would only confuse employees, leading to them wasting time looking for the labels.

Long-Lasting Labels

The life of labels must also consider since it would be practical to have them long-lasting. If you invest in only paper labels, you will be replacing them more frequently than investing in metal labels, magnet labels, or other more durable materials.

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