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There are lots of options when it comes to electronic document management and workflow automation these days. And why wouldn’t there be with so many companies still following the same procure-to-pay processes they’ve been using since the ‘80s?

Sure, there is some limited out-of-the-box OCR and automation included with some of the newer ERPs and financial systems but even that doesn’t offer the type of tailored solutions that businesses truly desire. What’s more, there are still many ERPs and financial systems that don’t offer any sort of OCR or automation at all.

Manual data entry, human errors, slow internal invoice approvals, duplicates, documents with missing or wrong information, missed early-pay discounts, 7 ½ years of hard copies taking up valuable office space (not to mention being impossible to search & find anything in), and on and on it goes! Does that sound familiar? Could we be describing your accounts payable process here?

Ok, enough about the problem. How about some solutions? That’s where TrinDocs can help!

TrinDocs is a document management and workflow solution that automates the routing, storage and retrieval of documents and transactions. Unlike any other solution on the market, TrinDocs can integrate with nearly every ERP and software solution on the planet. And we do this for any organization, no matter how big or small.

Of prime importance is TrinDocs ability to integrate with the Microsoft ERPs provided by Top 100 VAR TrinSoft, LLC. Those integrations are tighter than anybody’s, anywhere! Whether you’re on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, or 365 Business Central, ask yourself if your solutions can handle things like this? TrinDocs does!

  • PO Matching
  • Returns & Credit Memos
  • Serial / Lot Tracking
  • PO Receipts
  • Freight, Rounding & Taxes
  • Multi-Level / Matrix Approval Routing
  • Detail Coding (jobs, projects, dimensions, departments, locations, etc., etc.)

TrinDocs, with Automation as Unique as You, has pre-built integrations and a proven record of success tailoring solutions to clients’ needs and business rules...even for hard-to-handle tasks like those just mentioned. With both cloud-hosted and on-prem solutions, and the ROI of automation literally paying for the investment, what’s keeping you from delivering a modern AP process for your team?

If you want to learn more, join TrinDocs and TrinSoft for a webinar:

1st AP Automation Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
December 15, 2-2:30 pm ET
Have you seen Microsoft’s cloud-based financial system, Dynamics 365 Business Central? Join us to learn more about it + the tailored workflow solutions possible for AP Automation.

You can also catch future webinars here.

by TrinSoft, LLC a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Kentucky

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