Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing Preview: What You Need to Know

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Microsoft recently announced its latest innovation, Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, we’ve compiled a list of capabilities this new release has to offer.

Here's everything you need to know.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft recognizes that some businesses prefer to modernize slowly and avoid undertaking large projects. Innovations like Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, provide a smooth path to modernization for businesses that have previously shied away from major changes

This latest release by Microsoft is intended to give customers more visibility into what's going further along their supply chain routes, as well as intelligence to deal with issues as they arise.
Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing aims to help businesses solve operational problems while also evolving into more digitally focused businesses. The manufacturing cloud aims to assist in the digitization of the factory floor and provide a path to becoming fully digital by moving from traditional record-keeping systems to "systems of reality."

While explaining how manufacturers have been working the same way for years and had no real reason to change until the pandemic, Caglayan Arkan, Microsoft's VP of manufacturing and supply chain, says-

“Everything stopped. The music stopped, and you couldn’t send employees to the shop floor anymore, supplies were not there. You couldn’t even see your supplier to know where your goods were, and that was a huge disruption.”

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing at a glance

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Integrating Microsoft Teams is another feature Microsoft adds to Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing. Businesses that have implemented hybrid working systems will benefit from this. This update will allow insights from securely connected IoT assets and products to be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Applications and partner solutions workflows and business processes in the manufacturing cloud.

Advantages of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing for manufacturers

  • The Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing connects end-to-end product and service lifecycle experiences. This innovation includes capabilities such as Asset Productivity, Learning and Knowledge Management, Always-on-Service, and Supply Chain Visibility.
  • The manufacturing cloud connects market demand, shop floor production, and real-time supply. It assists manufacturers in staying on top of their game so that they are well prepared when demand spikes. The cloud when connected to supply chain management solutions will aid to map out supply chain routes and identify issues that may affect raw material delivery before roadblocks occur. Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is designed to give manufacturers more agility and flexibility.
  • The Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing focuses on outcome-driven solutions and provides a 360-degree view of complex processes. This recent innovation assists businesses in increasing assets and productivity in smart factories while putting compliance, security, transparency, and privacy first.
  • Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing claims to improve operational efficiency in a matter of weeks. Logistic partners and internal stakeholders can efficiently take optimal action by connecting various ERP and supply chain execution systems, resulting in a continuous feedback loop.

You can find the preview of Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing here.

Given that few manufacturers have the resources or infrastructure to rapidly modernize and replace all their processes, Microsoft facilitates collaboration with trusted partners like Columbus in an industry that is constantly changing and facing new challenges. A trusted digital advisor can assist manufacturers in implementing a modular framework that allows them to innovate on the fly.

Columbus can assist you in navigating the digital transformation process and getting your processes up and running as quickly as possible.

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