CK Power reduces errors and invoices faster using field service software

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CK Power is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power units and power generation solutions. They service a variety of markets and customers. Historically, their service technicians used pen and paper to record information in the field. This created a significant delay between the performance of a task in the field and when the information was entered into systems in the office.

This video highlights how ExpandIT has helped CK Power improve their field service business by increasing efficiencies, reducing errors, and invoicing faster.

Detailed Overview

In this video, CK Power discusses how using ExpandIT field service software for digital time registration and planning has impacted their business. Now, once a registration is made in the field it is visible in ExpandIT. This means that CK Power can not only invoice faster but optimize the planning of the tasks. The map function in the planning tool enables CK Power to locate the service technician who is closest to the job. When a new job comes in, CK Power assigns it to an employee in the scheduling tool. The service technician can see the job and all its details in the mobile app.

CK Power stores all job related information in ExpandIT. Worrying about lost or ruined worksheets has been eliminated. This is not only an advantage for the office, but also for the service technicians who have all the information easily accessible in the mobile app. In addition, it means a higher invoicing rate and better earnings. CK Power has experienced a significant difference in everyday life since switching to ExpandIT for digital time management.

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