Can the Right Time and Billing System for Dynamics 365 Really Turn Time into Money?

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You’ve heard the phrase ‘time is money’. While you might be working hard to make sure that your time is spent on the most profitable aspects of work, what if there was a way that you could literally turn the time you’re already spending into more money?

TiM does just that. TiM is a time and billing system that works effortlessly with you and for you. It can help you make more money without having to fill out a single timesheet.

Straight to the Point, What is TiM?

TiM is a time and billing system that gets you more money out of the time you are already spending. Wait, before you roll your eyes and stress about having to fill out spreadsheets, hear us out.

We hate busy work and pushing papers. For that reason, TiM has been built into the one application on your desktop that runs all day, every day: Microsoft Outlook.

Consider: We plan our day with the Microsoft Outlook calendar. So why not use it to record our entire professional day? TiM is a time and billing system that tracks what we do in real-time, whether it be through:

  • Excel
  • Email
  • Application
  • D365
  • Managing your Outlook calendar or
  • Phone usage

Yes, TiM integrates with your favorite Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. So at the end of the week, you don’t need to fill out a single timesheet. Your time has already been entered for you. It’s as simple and easy as click, click, done.

How Much Money Am I Really Saving?

Not impressed yet? Notice the most fascinating piece -- the metrics.

Companies that install TiM found that they:

  • Captured 30% more time per employee per week.
  • Bill 8-12% more on a weekly basis.

This isn’t new money. This money has always been there, hiding. It’s like finding money under the sofa cushions. But instead of nickels and dimes, you found stacks of hundred-dollar bills.

How did these companies make this extra money? By doing absolutely nothing except utilizing a time and billing system. Is it hard work? Not at all. It’s easy and employees actually enjoy using it. Therefore, it is more likely to be used. And at the end of the day, it dramatically increases the amount of money in your bottom line.

What Separates TiM From the Rest

TiM does one thing that most people or applications don’t -- it hits the Office. Because TiM uses the Outlook calendar, it uses all the Microsoft Dynamics Office components. It is connected to the project management solution of your choice:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Azure or
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central

TiM can also gather difficult-to-capture data based on what you’re doing throughout your business. It then creates a C-suite-level intelligence. This allows users to put actual numbers to the amount of time their company is spending with specific customers.

Why Wait?

TiM integrates with your favorite Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution. This time and billing system is simple, easy, and efficient.  Just click, click, and boom, you’re done!  Timesheets don’t work, TiM does because it is based in your Outlook Calendar.

“TiM has been a game-changer for timesheet entry. I went from reviewing every email and call one by one to dragging and dropping meetings from one calendar to another. This feature alone has saved me a tremendous amount of time and headaches when it comes to timesheet entry.” - Patrick Hurtubise, Senior Technical Consultant, Thinkmax Canada

Ask yourself, is there really any reason why you should wait? If you would like to capture 30% more of your time and increase your billing by 8-12%, don’t hesitate to visit

Written by Peter Joeckel, Hands Free,

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