Business Development and Construction Management Systems Work Better Together

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IPM Global is a Construction Management software development company that specializes in developing business software for project-related industries.

Project Management for your ERP

We built our Construction/Project Management Tool  on the Microsoft PowerApps framework. But it integrates seamlessly with various back-office ERP Solutions.  The IPM Construction Management solution is a software tool built for construction, engineering, and project-based industries. It's scalable so it will grow with your growing construction business.

IPM Construction Management delivers a 360-degree real-time view of projects, job tasks, and operations. It also delivers extensive reporting and back-end financial information. The solution is Powered by Microsoft Power Apps® to provide comprehensive document and contract management features. And it is supported by native integration with Microsoft 365®, including Office 365®, programs already familiar  to your employees.

But what about your CRM system?

Not all CRM systems are suitable for construction. Managing tenders and contacts requires a specific set of tools and documentation.

IPM Construction Management can be used with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems. But it was designed and built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform and natively integrates with Dynamics 365/CRM. Ask yourself, doesn’t it make sense for your business development system and your construction management system to sync? And wouldn’t it be better for your business and construction teams to be on the same page?

All your contacts and accounts stored in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM system will be copied into the Microsoft Dynamics contact management utility in IPM and become accessible to your construction management team. They’ll have all the data they need including records of previous jobs and projects. They’ll be able to see original budgets and actual costs for reference in planning similar projects. When your business development and construction management teams have access to the same information in IPM, they can collaborate without data duplication or gaps.

IPM’s “tender functionality” allows your business development team to create “tender jobs.” When they send RFQs (requests for quotes) to your sub-contractors and suppliers, they can include documents and drawings from the IPM Document Library. When you win the tender, the “tender job” becomes active, and you’re ready to proceed. All the data and correspondence used during the tender phase becomes available to the project team.

Project management for better decisions

Business decision-makers can connect to the IPM Construction Management HUB. There they will have access to data concerning existing clients, sub-contractors, resources, and jobs.

IPM natively integrates with other Microsoft tools such as Excel, Outlook, Sharepoint, and Word. So, email/RFI/RFQ activity related to any tender is automatically stored in the Sharepoint folder in the relevant “tender job.”

Because IPM Construction Management is built on the Microsoft Dynamics Power Platform, it is a fully cloud-based solution deeply embedded in the Microsoft 365 suite.

IPM was developed with users in mind.  It is quick to learn and easy to use, making it the construction/project management software tool your teams will want to use.

If you’d like to know more about IPM Global’s Construction/Project Management tool, contact our experts at IPM Global and let’s talk about what it can do for your business.

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