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According to Gartner, all new entrants and 80% of historical vendors are offering subscription-based business models. As recurring payment strategies become mainstays of our economy, it’s vital that modern finance departments are up to date on the implementation, management, and accounting standards associated with these pricing models. Check out the following resources to learn about subscription-based economies and SaaS pricing strategies. 


modernizing finances thrive in a subscription based economyVideo| Modernizing finances: Thrive in a subscription-based economy 

To stay competitive in an increasingly consumer-centric world, industries of all kinds are adopting subscription billing models. This short video will introduce you to ways your company can thrive in a subscription-based economy. If you’d like to learn more about modernizing your finances, visit our website for more resources like the complete guide to subscription management. 


definitive guide to tiered pricingDefinitive guide to tiered pricing 

Tiered pricing is a billing model where companies limit or expand their offering based on pre-defined tiers. It’s one of the most familiar pricing strategies used today and has a wide range of applications. Tiers attract different customer bases and uniquely position you to upsell to customers as their loyalty grows. Check out our blog to discover the benefits of tiered pricing. 


Case study QTSCase study | QTS save 11 days on end-of-month close cycles 

QTS Data Centers (QTS) is a leading provider of hybrid colocation and hyper-scale data center solutions. After a thorough search, QTS chose us to help consolidate its multiple databases across 12 data centers into a centralized environment. Discover how a combined solution of our products created a robust set of tools designed to tackle their complex business needs. 


definitive guide to bundle pricing

Definitive guide to roll-your-own or bundle pricing 

Roll-your-own or bundle pricing refers to the practice of combining multiple offerings in one package. The SaaS industry has adapted this model to create recurring revenue bundles, or rundles, that offer multiple subscription services or products under one bill. Bundling allows retailers to increase their sales and average order volume by leveraging consumer surplus while also potentially subsidizing long-tail product development. Read on to determine whether bundle pricing is the right strategy for your business. 

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