Specific Ways ExpandIT Helps Field Service Workers Stay Safe And Efficient Through the Pandemic

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Essential service providers have continued their important work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hasn't been without challenges.

For example, communication has always been instrumental to field workers. How has the pandemic impacted this vital aspect of their job? And how have two companies leveraged the ExpandIT solution to pivot during this time?

The Importance of Communication

95% of a field worker's time is spent outside the office. To remain efficient, constant communication with dispatchers is vital. Field workers need the following updates in real-time:

  • When and where to provide services
  • What services are needed and what tools to bring
  • Information on last-minute schedules or job changes
  • Current COVID-19 status and regulations

Without dependable communication, time and money can quickly be wasted. This is escalated during a pandemic, as getting reliable information can directly impact field worker health and safety.

Broadcast Messages Keep Workers Safe

One essential service provider faced communication issues because of the pandemic. They were tasked with distributing health and compliance information to their field workers but were facing a few major problems:

  1. For safety reasons, workers couldn't come into the office every day, so remote communication was required
  2. Like many service providers, they made extensive use of contract field workers, and many of them did not have access to the company email and resources
  3. Even if everyone could have received the emails, it was unreliable since there was no way to confirm that workers had actually received and read the information

To solve this challenge, the company made use of the broadcast message feature in the ExpandIT solution. This feature allowed for instant communication throughout the company. Benefits of broadcast messages included:

  • Anyone with the ExpandIT mobile app could receive the messages, including all field workers and contractors.
  • The broadcast message was sent first thing in the morning before they started installation or service jobs, ensuring that they had received and read the critical COVID-19 related information.
  • The platform allows for rapid message configuration, so if circumstances changed suddenly, the message could get to everyone in real-time.
  • Because ExpandIt is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the messaging could be specific to departments or service teams, depending on the severity of the COVID-19 situation or the requirement of the state jurisdiction.

By leveraging the ExpandIT solution to fit the company's needs and keep reliable communication a priority, their field workers were able to stay safe and continue efficiently providing services during this global health crisis.

ExpandIT Streamlines Reporting

Another example is a service provider that wanted to track the potential exposure of their employees to COVID-19 without the need for physical meetings, time-consuming emails, or phone correspondence.

The solution? The team at ExpandIt worked to leverage reporting capability via the ExpandIT mobile app. This new reporting capability resulted in the following benefits:

  • Fieldworkers could answer a questionnaire related to COVID-19 exposure and confirm additional statements regarding workplace safety on the mobile app.
  • If the end customer inquired about potential exposure, the company would have supporting documentation on the app for each job.
  • Daily reporting was provided for the management team that identified any potential issues based on the worker questionnaire.
  • The ExpandIT on-site report was 100% configurable by the end customer, requiring no support, configuration, or development from ExpandIT.

Adapting the ExpandIT mobile app to allow for specialized reporting means they could now perform contact tracing for each job without adding extra in-person meetings or lengthy at-home processes.

Is ExpandIT Right for You?

The above examples prove the value of the ExpandIT mobile app in providing real-time communication with field workers and adapting reporting capabilities to fit company needs. But ExpandIT does much more than that.

ExpandIT is helping businesses across the country with these main benefits:

  1. Digital Record Keeping- Ditch the pen and paper. Keep all service calls, staff records, contracts, and more digitally.
  2. Real-Time Communication- Quickly update your employees and customers, whether one member at a time or all at once.
  3. Seamless Integration- Integration with your current ERP system means your workers will stay up-to-date, your records will be current, and everyone can always be on the same page.

Join the numerous businesses that are benefiting from ExpandIT's solution. There's no need to tackle pandemic challenges alone. At ExpandIT, we are dedicated to helping service providers weather any storms that come their way.

Learn more about how ExpandIT solution could help you stay safe and efficient during this time of crisis by requesting your free demo today.

By John Macdonald, ExpandIT, www.expandit.com

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