Optimize the Picking Process with the right methodology in your Warehouse

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Optimize the Picking Process with the right methodology in your WarehouseWhile optimizing the picking process in a warehouse, it’s important to recognize two key concepts. Firstly, not every technology fits in every case. Secondly, improving warehouse operations effectively requires a combination of process improvement, required information, and technology.

When it comes to picking, a warehouse manager also needs to consider which picking methodology to adopt. While most operations still rely on the Pick-to-Order approach (one of the most inefficient approaches to picking), there are methodologies that can be implemented to significantly improve and increase warehouse efficiency.

Here are the following most important picking process methods used in today’s warehouses.

Cluster Picking

This process is more efficient, allows collecting multiple orders at the same time. In this method, the system provides a list of the most efficient route to pick multiple items at the same time. You can collect individual-item orders, separate them into individual bin partitions to reduce/eliminate errors.  Most of the situation requires advanced warehouse management systems. MetaWMS as an advanced warehouse solution is capable of supporting Cluster Picking. In addition, it prioritizes picking of the item as per the requirement to give priority to one set of orders over another.

Zone Picking

In this process, SKUs are rive across multiple zones within the warehouse and are assign to specific zones. Once you receive the orders, they’ll shift from one zone to another via trolleys, cages, pallets or conveyors, etc. Multiple picking lists are allotted to each zone if an order has more than one SKU, which significantly increases the accuracy, speed, and effectiveness of the picking process. MetaWMS helps warehouses and distributors in processing large numbers of SKUs and multiple orders.

Wave Picking

Throughout the day orders are grouped and picked up in batches at specific intervals. By using a robust Inventory Management System, wave picking helps warehouse operations by improving efficiency by not just picking the right items but also picking them at the perfect time. The wave picking process starts with your inventory and warehouse management software. Also, this software will create a consolidated pick list based on any number of variables, including:

  • Transportation scheduling
  • Warehouse staffing
  • Warehouse layout
  • Customer delivery guarantees
  • Customer delivery regions
  • Load times
  • Equipment needs to pick

In addition, wave picking can improve profitability and help you in improving the efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse processes.

For more information and a tailored demonstration reach out to MetaOption.

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