Cloud-based ERP: The future of Advanced Warehouse Management System

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Cloud-based ERP: The future of Advanced Warehouse Management SystemWith the advancement in technology and the following changes in the business model, warehouse digital transformation is becoming a need when business organizations desire to remain relevant and competitive. The digitalization of warehouses can be attained not only through the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but also through the implementation of the Advanced Warehouse Management System.

However, there is no confusion that an advanced warehouse management system i.e., MetaWMS can help you in saving money, time, and result in customer satisfaction. However, selecting the right WMS can be a challenge especially when you are going to scale your manufacturing business.

Some of the benefits of the advanced warehouse management solution:

This is where MetaWMS, a cloud-based ERP solution comes into play. MetaWMS with the integration of Dynamics 365 Business Central offers market reactivity, scalability, real-time visibility into a business’s entire inventory, and manages supply chain fulfillment operations from the distribution center to the store shelf. There are two main types of WMS, namely an on-premise server, and a cloud-based server.

On-Premise Server

As the name suggests, the on-premise server is physical infrastructure and hardware that requires real storage space – in addition to dedicated IT support. While this setup does not rely on internet connectivity and gives the surety of ultimate security, as there is no third party access to the on-premise data, it may be more liable to loss of the data during shutdowns conditions and there is no guarantee of backup.

Cloud-based server

Here, a cloud-based server does not require onsite hardware, and storage can be flexibly added as per the requirements of each company. As such, companies have great sovereignty in terms of scalability and can avoid unnecessary data storage costs. Moreover, data access, backup, and restoration initiate regardless of location as long as a connection is available.

In addition, this process will definitely increase workforce mobility, as if employees no longer have to be physically present and can easily work from home. Moreover, backup of the data formed in the cloud as regularly as within 15-minute intervals, thereby keeping the risk of data loss to be minimum.

No upgrades required

You are always on the latest software version with a cloud-based warehouse system. Software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing includes regularly scheduled updates and no IT infrastructure costs. The whole thing exists in the cloud, these updates work similarly to apps on mobile phones, which means that customers will always have the latest version at work.

Enhance Flexibility with Advanced Warehouse Technology

In the new fulfillment economy, advanced warehouse solution is emerging as the more viable option since you can implement them quickly, thereby allowing industries to adapt and swiftly ramp up their supply chain systems.

Generally, it delivers the same level of warehouse management functionality as an on-premise server. But without the need for timely upgrades, hardware improvements, or IT specialists. It will not only reduce the lower upfront costs but also gives a quick Return on Investment (ROI).

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